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Grip Secrets?


i really need to improve my grip in wrestling. what are some effective ways to do this other than tennis balls and stress ball?


Some research on the subject should help.


Check out dieselcrew


Fat bar work
Farmer's Holds and Walks w/ 100s
Static rack holds


Ironmind makes some hardcore hand grippers called Captains of Crush. These things get up 360lbs of force to close completely. At work (omni fitness equipment) I play with one that is 280 lbs. I'm about an inch away from closing it. They retail for about $30. Check www.ironmind.com for retailers.


also dont over work it work it HARD and rest it many ppl over work there grip/forearms they are used on well damn near everything.

work it hard with heavy weight super max timed DL holds etc. and rest them bastards.


Thick bar work may be the best thing to build your grip strength for wrestling. Bring a 2.5lb plate with you to home depot, find a pipe that fits the inner diameter of the plate, and buy yourself a 7' length. Add clamp collars in 1' from each side and you have yourself a thick bar.


Thick bar work is not as helpful as other things to build a strong Wrestling grip. I Wrestled for a Division I school and learned early on that the most important thing you can have strength wise in Wrestling is a good grip, with neck placing a close second.

You have to work it the way you do in a Wrestling match. Simply holding onto a thick won't cut it.

Here's one exercise there are at least 10 more good ones:

Get a pair of Iron Man grippers and work higher reps 20 to 50. Do at least 5 to 6 sets.


towel chins, towel twists especially if you play in a gi


i train my grip with an ivanko supergripper. I also do sandbag training and pullups with a gi... but my SPECIFIC grip training goes like this.

I do about 50 heavy singles over the course of one day

2-3 days later in the week I'll train high reps, set of 100, and work all the way down to a set of 10.

Been going pretty well,

What i'm going to experiment with soon isn't using a thickbar but using some type of foam. Something that absorbs the force you squeeze with and doesn't send it back to you (like a metal bar would)

I think the foam would act more like actual flesh...


What I do is just set aside a time to train accessory work like grip, abs, and neck without training anything else (I'll do some work on these areas on other training days but not much).

For grip, I'll do some gripper work, rope chins then hold for time, fingertip push ups, clean and presses with the foam idea that Xen was talking about, then plate wrist curls and reverse bb wrist curls.

Works pretty well.