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Grip Programming

How do you program your grip training? Do you do any grip exercises after deadlifts? Do you do any grip exercises the day before deadlifts? What type would you recommend at these times? Also, what type of progressions do you use? Do you have a way to progress your holds for time or max lifts, or do you just change things frequently without a set plan?

Do you use hook grip or mixed grip?

[quote]joebrandenburg wrote:
Do you use hook grip or mixed grip?[/quote]
I do mixed grip when I max out, but most of my training is double overhand without a hook grip. I am not train inning grip to improve my deadlift. I’m training grip just for the sake of accomplishing grip feats. I just don’t want my grip training to negatively affect my deadlift or vice versa.

It didn’t take me long to get my grip strength, maybe 2 - 3 weeks. I just did really heavy dumbbell rows. Grabbed the biggest dumbbell in the gym and started rowing to failure. And, I mean failure of grip, not back failure.

I also did deadlift for reps.

I hear farmers walks are good also.

Do you have any straps? I just say train grip as much as you want, whenever you want and don’t even worry about it. If you find that, come deadlift day, you’re having trouble holding on to the bar from all the grip work, then just throw on the straps and finish your deadlifts.

Fat bar pullups are excellent, as are fat bar timed holds. Progress the same way you would anything with weight, reps, and time.

do heavy barbell rows with an overhand grip for sets of 5, You can do them following any mainlift it doesnt really matter.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I’m just going to experiment and see what works.