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Grip Program


How often do you train your grip specifically? I usually do once a week after deadlifting day and think I get some supplemental training when I shrug, etc. Wondering if this is enough? My grip is really stunting my deadlift. What kind of routine do you guys use? What types of grip exercises do you do?


Are you using chalk/straps/matched grips?

The only grip work that I do for DL carryover is static holds in lockout position (heavy with a regular barbell, lighter with fat gripz) and farmers walks. I've heard that Kroc/DB rows have a similar effect.

I also use CoC grippers and bands but don't think that has much supporting carryover.


There's also this: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/grip_training_for_the_deadlift

I think he's fairly qualified to give deadlift related grip advice.


On my Deadlift day, I do farmer walks/carries + 30 secs Plates hold/pinch +holding barbell in the power rack (with more weight that I'd usually lift) for 30 secs/1 min, until my palms burn like hell.

Some other days, I'll work on wrist curls and reverse grip curls, I'd hang from a chining bar for 30 secs or throw a towel on the bar, grab the towel with one hand and the bar with the other and do my pull ups, changing hands after 10 reps or so...

This has definetely improved my grip strength throughout the years and I have no longer any grip issue when I deadlift.

Hope this helps.


No chalk use at commercial gym. Straps no purposely to build grip strength. I need to try to static holds. Thanks for the info.


Thanks. I'll check this out.


I just got the farmer handles recently, so hopefully they will help the grip. Gonna try the plate pinch. Made a wrist roller the other day which put a good burn in the forearms. Thanks for the info.