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Grip on Bench Press


Just a quick question. Is there a preferred benchpress grip for an athlete. It seems like the powerlifters use a much wider grip, while with athletes, it is a closer grip. How close should my hands be accordingly for someone who has approximately a 6'10" wingspan?


I vary my grip width.


I'm no expert on this but my understanding is that if your grip is outside of your shoulders then you will hit the pecs more and inside of your shoulders you will hit your tris more and obviously close to shoulder width will be more of an equal combination of the two. So I guess my answer to your question is it depends on what you want. If you want to really hit and build up the chest go wide otherwise you can move your grip in more and get more collateral damage to the tris but whatever grip you chose make sure its comfortable for you. Hope this helps.



6'10"...HOLY SHIT....How tall are you???

On a most barbells I put my ring finger on the "rings" that are midway down the knurled portion of the bar.

I have NO idea where you should put your hands.


Hmmm.... I'd say he's around the 6'10" mark :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm only 6'4" but I have a ridiculous wingspan (6'9") and I put my pinkys on the rings usually. But I do vary grip width.


I am around the 6'5" mark, but I have much longer limbs than usual. I long legs which make it a bitch to squat like I do, and with my benchpress. Being an athlete, I am wondering if there is some preferred grip amongst football players that benefits them more than others (not neccesarily gains, but neccesary for sport).

I do realize that the benchpress doesnt exactly translate real well onto the field, (I do jammer press for that)but is it to be closer as to keep the shoulders healthier?


Actually a powerlifter uses the narrower grip to bench relying heavily on his triceps and anterior deltoids. I would suggest trying different positions to find what works best for you. Unless of course you are trying to work on something specific (i.e. triceps, chest, or whatever)


Uhh...not true. A powerlifter benches index finger on the rings, as that is usually the widest legal grip. Wider grip = less distance.


I guess its just wider than what I usually do. So pinky on the ring is probably too close, in general. I already do quite a bit of tricep work with dips and decline/flat CG Bench and such.


Uhh...not true. A powerlifter benches with the grip that allows them to lift the heaviest weight. There are shirts designed for an elbows-out wide grip, and then others for an elbows-tucked closer grip.

Do what works/is comfortable for you, and then ask someone who is in the know to check your form. If it's not potentially dangerous, then do it. No specific grip is going to give you better athletic performance, increasing your power will do that.