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Grip it Rip it

Created an account when I was young while lurking. Going to now post my log for those interested

23 years old. 6’0. 210 lbs.

basically eat paleo. doing GVT currently.

Thursday, January 2nd, 2013

A1 - Bb Bench; 195lbs x10x10 (3001 tempo)
A2 - Chins; BWx10x10 . complete A1 then A2 (0 sec rest) after A2 90sec rest. first set. repeat for ten sets. (3001 tempo)

B1 - Db seated shoulder press; 50lbs x 10, 60 x 10, 60 x 12
B2 - Cable row; 190lbs x 12, x 10, x 12

C1 - Trap 3 raise; 8lbs x 10, x 10, x 10
C2 - Db Ext rotation; 10lbs x 10, x 10, x 10

D - Cable face pull; 90x12, 110x12, 130x12.

everything is in pounds.

Friday, January 3rd, 2014 (above post was 2014…)

A1 - Bb Back squat; 195x10x10 (3001 tempo) <<<HELL
A2 - Ham curls; 180x10x10 (3001 tempo). 90 sec rest, rinse repeat x 10

B1 - Db Split squat; 60x10, x10, x10
B2 - Db SL RDL; 80x10, x10, x10

C - Calf raise on hack squat; 4plates total x 12, x 12, x 12

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

A1 - Triceps dips; 45 lbs x 10 x 10 (3001 tempo)
A2 - EZ bar preacher curl; 50lbs on bar x 10 x 10 (3001 tempo). 90 sec rest, back to A1

B1 - cable row; 170x10, x 12, x10 (6 second negatives)
B2 - Db hammer curls; 30x10, x 10, 25x10

C1 - rear delt fly machine; 110x20, 125x20, 150x20
C2 - SA Db Shrug. 100lbs x 10, 110 x 10, 110 x 12

had to catch up on my logs.

Sun, Jan 5 - active recovery, rolling, mobility work
mon, jan 6. upper lift repeat of january 2nd, with 10 added pounds to main exercises.
tues, jan 7; lower lift, repeat of january 3rd, with 10 added pounds
wed, jan 8. arm workout with 10 added pounds.

feel free to comment, critique, whatever as you please

Woke up at 10 (off work till next week). 9 hour sleep.

Food intake;
1030 ? ½ lb extra lean ground beef in fry pan, 4 eggs scrambled. Handful mixed nuts.
1130 ? training. Upper body. BCAA 4g leucine, 2g valine, 2g, isoleucine
115 ? pwo shake. 27g whey isolate, 5g creatine monohydrate.
130 ? raw broccoli, half roasted chicken from metro.
330 ? carrots, some greek yogurt dip.
530 ? chicken, ½ lb bok choy, sweet potato mashed

behemoth amount of water throughout the day

ill have another small chicken, sweet potato meal later, and before bed another shake like above.

Training today;

A1 ? Bb Bench; 10x10@205lbs (3010 tempo)
A2 ? Chins; BW 10. 10sets x 10 reps. (3010 tempo)

Protocol; complete A1, 0 rest, complete A2, 90secs. Set 1 complete. Repeat x 10

B1 ? Db shoulder press, seated; 60lbs x 12, 70lbs x 12, 70lbs x 12
B2 ? Cable row; 210 x 12 reps x 3 sets

Same rest protocol as A exercises.

C1 ? Trap 3 Db raise; 10lbs x 10reps x 3 sets
C2 ? Db Ext rotation on kneel 12.5lbs x 10 reps x 3 sets

D ? SA farmer walk w 120lbs x 25m per arm
Set 2; 80 in bottom hand, 40 locked out over head, 25m per arm
Set 3; 80 in bottom hand, 40 in a curl ish position, 25m per arm.

E ? cable face pulls; 130lbs x 12 reps x 3 sets.

Used to play university football. Eligibility is finished. Had some hamstring injuries/issues. Previous maxes were;
Bench; 365
Squat- 455
Dead ? 495

Right now; 315x2 bench, 315x3 squat, 405 dead. This is what I?ve worked up to recently. Currently doing the 10x10 GVT, after another 2 more cycles of the 3 day split, or so. Ill switch it up into probably 3, 2, 1 wave loading for the main lifts with some high rep accessory work.

Like I mentioned im 210 right now, relatively lean, ill post a pic in the upcoming posts. Look forward to anyones insight on 10x10 GVT, questions, comments, remarks are welcome.

BCS game tonight! Ill get some ice on the chest because it is sore after the bench work today wow. Thinking bout getting some glutamine as I move forward with this GVT program.

Keep it tight, heels down and push like all hell!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Well, I guess that?s why you win the heisman. Winston with a big last drive after a rather pathetic performance in the BCS title game.

As you can see I am new to posting. Going to try and develop a template.

10am; shake. 30g whey isolate, banana, ice, peanut butter, milk, blueberries, ¼ cup oats.
Noon; 400g steak, 4 eggs over easy, handful mixed nuts. Coffee with coconut oil.
230; 200g chicken, sautéed green peppers and onions.
4pm; during training. BCAA
5pm; pwo shake; 30g whey isolate, 5g creatine monohydrate.
6pm; 300g wild atlantic salmon, steamed parsnips, turnips carrots.

Ill probably finish off the salmon and veggies later, or shake with the oats that is also left over. Or both, who knows.

My left chest is super sore from Mondays workout, iced it all night, will do that again tonight.

Today?s training was good, upped the squats by 10 pounds from the previous workout.

A1 ? Bb Squats; 205lbs x 10reps x 10sets (3010 tempo)
A2 ? Ham curls; Varying foot position. 100lbs x 10reps x 10sets. (3010 tempo) 90 sec rest then back to A1

B1 ? Db split squat; 70lbs x 10reps x 3sets
B2 ? Db SL RDL; 90lbs x 10reps x 3sets

C1 ? Calf raise on hack squat; 3plates x 12reps x 3sets
C2 ? Swiss ball hamstring curls; 20reps x 3sets

I always start off my lift in sweats + sweat pants, I like to have a real good sweat before my first working sweat, I feel more mobile and just hostile towards the bar.

My warm-ups are typically a couple minutes on the bike get my HR up to around 140bpm for a clip. Then on the roller and lacrosse ball. I do my feet while working the broomstick on my shoulders in ext rotation and chest. Then I will get my glutes with the ball. IT, adductor with roller. V sits, Cossack squats. Basically the limber 11 by Defranco.

Then ill get some dynamic movements in on the track at my gym. Hit a few box jumps to tell the CNS to wake the frig up and giver.

I am enjoying posting, keeps me accountable and makes me look forward to my workouts even more.

Kind of apprehensive for tomorrows dips. My chest is rather sore in a tweaked kind of way, ill monitor it as I go. I am enjoying reading other peoples logs.

Chew the bar!

Wednesday january 8th 2014. Arms

A1 Dips. BW+55lbs x 10reps x 10sets. (3010 tempo)
A2 EZ curls standing. 60lbs on bar x 10reps x 10sets (3010 tempo). 90 secs rest

B1 Chest supported Db row. 70lbs x 12reps x 3sets
B2 Db hammer curls. 30lbs x 12reps x 3sets

C1 Pullups. BW x 12reps x 3 sets
C2 Db rear delt fly. 15lbs x 20reps x 3 sets

Complex: 3 times through

12 russian sprinter situps x leg
12 side crunches x side
12 lying back extensions.
12 hanging garhammer raises
25m per side single Db farmer carry (110lbs)


10am shake. 30g isolate. 5g creatine. 1/3 cup oats. Banana. Peanut butter
11am. Leftover salmon and veggies.
1230pm. 150g chicken
1pm. Training. Bcaa.
245pm. 250g chicken.  raw brocoli.

Get home ill probably have some quinoa w meat. Have some Greek yogurt in fridge ill have that sometime tonight.

Happy lifting to all. Big air!

Thursday, Jan 9th, 2014

active recovery day, worked on mobility. focused on clean position, have troubles with that as it has been awhile and i will start doing them at the end of next week.

last time through the 3 day split for GVT then onto some heavier weights

Friday, January 10th - Upper lift/bench 3
Saturday, January 11th - Lower lift/squat 3
Sunday, January 12th - accesory/upper 3

back to work tomorrow. construction. no more mid day lifts, dang.

made some protein bars!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

5am - shake, oats, 30g protein, banana, almond butter, 5g creatine
630am - ground beef and eggs
9am - left over g beef and eggs, home made protein bar.
1130am - steak and raw broc, quinoa
100pm - steak and raw broc, quinoa
330pm - steak raw broc
530pm - PWO shake. 30g protein 60g dextrose. 5g creatine.
6pm - chicken and protein bar

Upper lift

Bb Bench; 215lbs x10x10 (2010 tempo)
A2 - Chins; BW + 20 x10x10 . complete A1 then A2 (0 sec rest) after A2 90sec rest. first set. repeat for ten sets. (2010 tempo)

B1 - Db seated shoulder press; 75lbs x 10, 75 x 8, 65 x 10
B2 - Cable row; 230lbs x 10, 190lbs x 12, x 12

C1 - Trap 3 raise; 12.5lbs x 10, x 10, x 10
C2 - Db Ext rotation; 15lbs x 10, x 10, x 10

D - Farmer Walk; 100lbs x 25m/arm…x 3 sets

E 1 - Pullups; BW x 20, 15, 15
E2 - Band pull aparts; 20, 20, 20

my chest is absolutely fried, the volume is starting to show. got everything though, last set of chin ups i had to kip for the last two reps which kinda sucks but.

Edited for PWO shake. Gunna try 2:1 dextrose: protein post workout. Man thats sweet

squats tomorrow!

Saturday, january 11th, 2014

Squat 3

A1 Bb squat. 10x10 @215lbs (2010 tempo )
A2 ham curls. 10 x 10 @ 115lbs (2010 tempo )

B1 Db split squat. 80lbs x 10reps x 3 sets
B2 Db RDL. 100lbs x 10reps x 3 sets

C ham curls on swiss ball. 20reps x 3sets

Dinner out, seafood. Drinking, hopefully keep it toned down so I can get this last arm workout in tomo. After thats done ill take a few days to recover and do mobility work and get to a new phase.

Sunday, january 12th, 2014

A1 - Dips; 65lbs x 10repa x 10sets
A2 - EZ curlz; 70lbs x 10reps x 10sets

Just did the bare minimum. Super fatigued. So ill take 3 days off then get back to big boy weights.

Couple days off. Starting westside for skinny beotches. Had to move it around today but did upper repetition.

Bb bench. 22516,13,10
Chins. BW

Today was a schod because I had to help w a player

Saturday, jan 18th

A - Bb squat. 135Ã?3, 185Ã?3, 225Ã?3, 275Ã?3, 295Ã?3, 315Ã?3, 335Ã?3 (275x3 drop set)

B1 - Bb RDL; 275Ã?6, 315Ã?6, Ã?6, Ã?6
B2 - Db split squat; 90x6, 100x6, Ã?6, Ã?6

C1 - ham curls, single legged negatives. 115Ã?6, 135x6, Ã?6
C2 - standing calf raise; 2p x 12, 3plates Ã? 12, Ã?12

D1 - reverse hyper on GHR: BWx20, Ã?20, Ã?20
D2 - swiss ball ham curls: 20x3

Came in on thursday and tried ME legs. 225 went up 3 times. Cut my losses. Got my sleep back on track. Worked 50 hours of construction outside this week laying pipe which took its toll. Im back

In…that 10x10 looks brutal

Sunday, January 19th, 2014


A1 - Bb Bench; 2753, 2953, 3152, 2755
A2 - Pull ups; BW104

B1 - Neutral Grip Seated Db OHP; 7012, 7512, 8012
B2 - Machine horizontal row; 3plates
5, 3.5p5, 4p5

C1 - Facepull; 12reps x 3 sets
C2 - Seated Db curls offset grip; 30123

D1 - loaded carry; 110lbs Db’s per hand, 50m * 2sets
D2 - Db External rotation on knee; 15lbs * 10, 17.5lbs * 10 reps

Chobbs, im done 10x10, onto a slightly modified WS4SB. You play ball?

I did…not to bring up the glory days but had a preferred walk on spot to a B10 school but I tore my right labrum so that kinda fell through

Organizing my training like this

A - ME lift
B1 - Hip hinge
B2 - Unilateral knee
C1 - Hamstring/knee flexion
C2 - Calf
D1 - Posterior chain
D2 - Hamstring

A - DE lift
B1 - Hip hinge
B2 - Unilateral knee
C1 - Hamstring/knee flexion
C2 - Calf
D1 - Posterior chain
D2 - Hamstring

A1 - ME, Horizontal pressing
A2 - Repetition, Vertical pull
B1 - Repetition, Vertical press
B2 - ME, Horizontal pull
C1 - Arm flexion
C2 - Upper back
D1 - Loaded carry
D2 - Shoulder stability

DE/Repetition UPPER;
A - DE, horizontal pressing
B1 - ME, Vertical pull
B2, Repetition, horizontal pressing
C1 - Arm flexion
C2 - Upper back
D1 - Loaded carry
D2 - Shoulder stability

thats basically how im going to organize it, ill run the same exercises for two weeks probably. using this format i can also incorporate clusters and other strength oriented measures into my training, all while still getting hypertrophy work in and focusing on my weaknesses (hamstrings, glute strength)

dang, thats still sweet. i played 5 years uni in canada. did well, but like you said…glory days, i had to opt for the next best thing and coach

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

DE Lower.

A - Box jumps; 36" x 3, 36" x 3, 42" x 3…hang cleans; 185x3, 185x3, 185x3…speed squats; 175x3, 175x3, 175x3
B1 - Bb hip thrusts; 225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 365x5, 405x5 (all sets reps paused at top)
B2 - Db bulgarian split squat front foot elevated 2"; 45x6, 50x6, 55x6, 55x6, 55x6
C1 - Bb good morning; 135x10, 185x10, 205x10
C2 - Calf raise on hack squat; 2plates x 20, 3 plates x 20, 3plates x 20
D - Glute ham raise; BW x 6, 8, 10, 10, 8

Boxes only go to 42", probably cant go to much higher now as it is anyways. need to work on front rack position. will probably just use speed squats and box jumps for DE lower. Hip thrusts were sweet, will start and go heavier next time through. havent done glute ham raised in forever because of my torn hamstring history, very surprised and thrilled i could do it, these will be put in all the time now. DE upper day tomorrow. pretty excited.

strip loin, 4 eggs, nuts. coffee coconut oil
chicken and spaghetti squash
chicken and sweet potato.

some greek yoghurt sprinkled in there, and some home made protein bars. basically just protein powder, almond butter, ground up nuts and coconut oil.