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Grip/Forearm Training


Just curious what you guys do for forearms/grip, or if you do any…for me, I am genetically blessed toward big forearms and I like training grip too. Helps with work.

Personally I do fat bar work, plate pinch work, and grippers for strength, and then stuff like fat grip hammer/reverse/zottman curls and wrist curls for size/to finish off my forearms and get a pump. I want to get more grippers, a rolling thunder, and a hub to develop more grip strength too, but that will come in time.

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Lucky you… Nothing worked for me, I have the same forearms of a skinny girl :weary:

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Thats too bad…but we all have shortcomings. My biceps are one of my shortcomings. They dont grow too easily and i dont personally like the natural shape of them.


I don’t lift heavy, got a 2.5 bw deadlift. But I used to be a climber and bouldering walls are a good way to obliterate grip and lats. At least for me. Also fun.

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Yeah bouldering is fun for sure. Some climbers have insane grip strength…have you checked out magnus mitbo? (probably spelled that wrong)


Yeah seen bits. I was fortunate enough to be around elite climbers when I was climbing regularly. I’ve seen some pretty intense training sessions. To a none climber I might have looked strong but I was a world away from them.

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I do pullups on a 3 inch diameter cross beam and I keep my hands at a 90 degree angle parallel to the floor which trains the shit out of my forearm flexors. Done this for years, weighted and just with bodyweight.


Wow, this looks very fun and terribly hard!

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Bucket of rice.

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I climbed for most of my teenage years and it’s helped me massively with grip strength, especially campus boards and the like.

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Nice bro…i like doin fat bar pullups and even just hangs too. I guess i shouldve mentioned too that i rarely use straps on much of anything