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Grip For Maxing Out On Bench

Do any of you guys grip the bar with your thumbs not wrapped around the bar (on same side as other fingers) and if so how does it effect it?

I tend to use the grip that you mention naturally and it feels the most comfortable but I think it was one of Dave Tate’s tips to grasp the bar and grip it like you are trying to rip it apart. I found that it seems to help on heavier lifts and works much better with the thumb wrapped around in this case.

You should always grip the bar with your thumbs around the bar…do not use a false grip! Even Poliquin recommends using the full wrap around grip.

It does contribute to you being able to grip the bar better and push more weight. But it’s also a safety concern.

The grip your refering too is quite common.
I use it and so do most of the guys at my gym.
I find it a more stable when pressing and more comfortable.
And you can use a wider grip much easer and for myself I find I can use more weight.