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Grip for BO Rows


been doing these alot lately...love em...im using an overhand grip at the moment...whats the best grip? should i change it up each w/o or set or???

any feedback on your exp would be great, cheers


For bentover rows, an underhand grip puts more stress on the lats, while an overhand grip works the upper back more. I personally shift back and forth every so often. You can adjust those to pursue your personal goals.


I'll echo varying grip and grip width. I also love BB rows.


I personally perferred underhand grip.

For the reason that I could move more weight that way, presumably due to more biceps involvement, and cos' I felt like the range of motion was slightly longer.



I like the underhand grip.

Carefull doin em heavy though - a friend of mine tore his Bi doin heavy underhand grips. He has to do them overhand now because they dont put as much stress on his bi's


cheers guys...in the last 6 months or so and doing them mostly over this period, ive gone from about 130 to 165 for reps...the last set the other day i did 165 for 10 x 5, with an overhand grip...i found this was quite heavy and that i was struggling to get it up while keeping good form...i might change up the grip next program in 3 weeks.

I have noticed at times that i am so tensed up all over that when i go to release and lift my body up, that i get a sharp pain sorta in my groin...its not anythign i think i need to worry about unless someone here has any ideas or has had this before?? i think it may be just the 'good pain', well i hope so anyway.