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Grip during Lat Raise

I remember reading it somewhere on the site but can’t find it anymore. It discussed various grip positions during a lat raise and how it recruits different muscle units (one grip even recruited the anterior deltoid the most). Any help in locating this article would be great.


If you’re talking about lat pulldowns, I believe the article was one of John M Berardi’s Appetite for Construction columns a few issues back.

If you’re talking lateral raises, John Paul Catanazaro’s Lateral Thinking for Wide Shoulders might be what you’re referring to. A must read.

My guess is that the poster is talking about an original research article from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Likewise, JB took a glimpse of this particular piece of literature in the exact Appetite column that was mentioned above by Patman.

Timbo, you never cease to surprise me. I have trouble remembering to put underwear on in the morning and you remember everything you’ve ever read :slight_smile: