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Grip Differences in Bendover Row

Hi all,
Does anyone know the difference in muscles activated using a palm up grip vs. a palm down grip during a bendover row?

BENT over row.

The Bendover row is something entirely different. Perhaps Say could clue you in.

In terms of recruiting back muscles, you won’t have a significant difference, but it is something worthwhile to do as it helps stimulate different motor patterns.

It likely makes a bigger difference in arm flexor recruitment.

Palms down (pronated) grip will target the brachioradialis and brachilias whereas the palms up (supinated) grip will target the biceps a bit more.

Has more to do with where your ELBOWS go and where you pull the bar to than actual grip. supinated grip makes it easier to pull the bar to the navel, and by necessity you’ll have your elbows in close, which will work the lats more.


Bend over, row your way to prison, cuz that’s where they do the bendover. haha.

I knew a girl with the last name Bentover. She never heard the end of it, but boy did she get around.

Use as many grip variations as you can think of over time to ensure thorough stimulation.