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Grip Development

What are people’s opinions on the best way to develop grip strength, since while I’m lifting a good weight in the deadlift, I’m forced to use straps after my first set. I’ve reached the stage where if I can’t make my grip stronger, I’m going to be stuck at my current weight. I’ve tried lifting without straps but this isnt helping my grip development.

I have not done any concentrated grip specific exercises, so I’m assuming that’s the way to go. Thanks in anticipation.

Static Holds. Hold a heavy bar as long as you can. Time yourself. With all sorts of grips.

Also: bouldering and rock climbing

Rack Pulls.

You can overload your grip by using a heavier weight doing rack pulls than you can pulling from the floor.

Have you tried a mixed grip or a hook grip. A hook grip is where you put your fingers over your thumb. It might be awkward at first but it’s a superior grip.

Three Grip Training articles:




The last article is primarily for chins, but the first half focuses on grip training, which is a necessity for chins.

I’m far from an expert on deadlifting, so I can only guess.

When i was doing multiple reps of clean and jerks with weight heavy for me I could feel it in my forearms alot. I would assume do those for some time and it will help.

Do pullups on different types of equipment. You can start off with fat bars, or towels wrapped around the bar.

Thick bar reverse grip curls.

Squeeze two olympic bars together for as long as you can, if its real easy with two hands do it with one.

In between sets of some of my exercises I’ll either put several clamps together and squeeze them, or grab 2 (5lbs, 10lbs,25lbs or 45lbs) weights and hold them together until they slide apart.

Train all three grips: holding, pinch grip, and crushing. That will surely improve your grip. I highly recommend buying the Captain’s of Crush set. My holding grip increased dramatically after working with the set for awhile.

Pronated wide grip deads. Grip the bar outside the strip in the knurling. High reps, as much weight as you can.

Three months of this and then return to your alternating grip. Throw those wrist straps away, because you’ll never need them again.