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Grip and Forearms in Separate Workout

Has anyone got any thoughts or experience of training grip and forearms in a seperate workout from my main one ( same day, seperated by at least 6/7 hours.)
Grip seems to be a limiting factor for me and I want to grow these twigs that I’ve got for lower arms, but my main workout is already a bit long.

You found a “weakness” So you give it it’s own special workout, to target, train and eliminate the weakness. That’s what training is all about!

-It’s So Boring! Unless you just have super passion for grip and forearms it’s really unexciting and not much fun to do a full forearm workout.

-It’s uncomfortable! Some grip or forearm exercises really put a lot of pressure on your fingers, wrists or elbows. Some of that stuff hurts! A good warm up makes it way less painful. A “regular” lifting session is a pretty effective warm up for your lower arms.

Forearms seem to take a long time and massive amount of work to really develop. I wouldn’t separate them.

Thanks for the replies
The boredom I can handle and I’ve got plenty of time to dedicate to it.
I was thinking 3x a week in the afternoons(after main morning workout) doing just two exercises.
Mon: crush gripper and wrist roller
Wed: pinch holds and lever bar pronation/supination
Fri: fat grip hold and lever bar radial/ulnar deviation.
Is this doable? Has anyone tried anything similar?

The volume is what matters, not the exercises.

Unless you’re already training your forearms twice a week, I don’t know if its time to move up frequency to thrice.

Elbow tendonitis is annoying. Overdoing forearm and or grip work always lead to tender elbows for me.


Yes, exactly what he said.

Also, there is a lot of overlap in your routine. 3 days, 3 wrist lifts and 2 thumb heavy lifts.

Don’t forget your “Regular” supporting grip, like farmers walk or not fat bar holds.

And your fingers. Like Eagle-Talon, heart ripping Kung Fu grip strength. 2 finger deadlifts and ring finger chin ups.

Yeah, I can relate to the elbow tendonitis issue. I also have suffered with it. I guess that’s partly what prompted this, making my weakness a strength.

Perhaps I should build the volume more gradually and incorporate more indirect work in my regular workouts. e.g. Towel pull ups, farmer’s walks and the like. Thanks for the ideas guys.