GrindOverMatter's Road to the Stage

Whats up everyone,

Ive been a longtime reader of these forums but never posted much of my own stuff. First a little background i guess

Years training: About 4
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 197 (taken this morning)
Natural Bodybuilder

Bulked up to 215 and ive already been dieting for a BB show for 9 weeks…i have another 9 weeks to go (show is nov 10th) and since 11 weeks out ive been working with SHELBY STARNES. I’ll post my training sessions here, with pics and perhaps the odd video.

Here is my 9 week out front double bicep shot, Ill post more shots soon.
I know im a bit behind on conditioning for 9 weeks out, BUT i did start quite fat at 18 weeks out and ive made good progress since.

Please keep your comments positive! Let me know what you think

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back lat spread

the gym i typical train legs at has 20 kg plates
Front squat-
248x4 (4 rep was a grinder, somehow got out of the hole)
220x6 (wanted 8 reps but was too dead from the previous set)
177x10, drop 133x10

Leg Press
9 plates/side
drop set
9 platesx15
7 platesx15
5 platesx15
3 platesx20- Tear drop finisher

Bulgarian split squat- 40 lb dumbells for 2x12 (wanted to do more but still had to do hams/cardio)

Lying leg curl-
4x8 (ramping weight each set)
drop set ( didnt pay attention to the weight just moved up the stack by a few plates at a time)
raise weight by a few plates then
x30 partials

RDL- used light weight, just focussing on getting a great stretch

Cardio- 22.5 minutes

Hmm felt like i did quite a bit in the gym, but now that i type it out it doesnt seem as high volume as i thought.


Bench- Worked up to
225x4 (ok so my bench is in the shitter since ive lost 20 lbs…anyone have any suggestions how to stop it from going down while dieting?) even though this was weak for me, my chest felt pumped even though it was only 4 reps

Incline Bench

Hammer strength incline
2 plates per side
3x10 with 10 bottom partials at the end of every set

decline Smith bench
1 plate/side x25
1.5 plate/side x 20
2 plate/sidex 12
2 plates and a 10/side x 10
Drop set–1.5 plates then to 1 plate a side

Pec Deck- 2x20

DC chest stretch

20 mins cardio.

Not too bad besides the weaksauce bench press

weighed 194 this morning…starting to get kind of lean.