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Grindovermatter Grinds to the Stage


hey guys!! after a shorter off season I decided to get back on stage again. many people who.watched my thread last year saw how hard I had to diet, which in the end took a real bad toll on my physique. so not to make the same mistake again, this whole off season I slowly ramped up my calories to get my metabolism healthy and limit fat gain....

this year I hired shelby starnes for a full 16 week prep. and man have things been different this time around. currently I'm 8.5 weeks out. some recent shots to follow.


quater turn


fdb.... only started working on posing yesterday ...it'll get better


back double


side chest


rear lat


serratus shot


blurry front dbl with trunks


Looking like you're in a great place at this point! I'm sure having a coach for a full 16 weeks will help you avoid a lot of the suffering you had to endure at the end of your last prep.



thanks stu! those last few weeks of last year's prep litterly changed my whole life...... it also helped that I only got 20 lbs over what I think my stage weight will be this year


lol, yeah, everyone gets a little dose of reality after their first contest dieting experience. It's funny how many previously claimed "210 lbs" guys are suddenly 185 lbs off season after that first time prep. Best of luck man. Quad sweep looks great.



Looking good.

How heavy and tall are you? Thanks,



about 5 11 and 182 lbs


Looking good grind.Gonna be a hell of a lot better this time around.


Definitely in a great place 8 weeks out! Your legs jump out to me as much improved, have they been a major focus this offseason?


yes they have been. I always had good legs, but last year a combination of factors made them shrink waaaaaaaay down. the first problem was I had a back injury and couldn't back squat.then there was the fact that I had to do wayyy too much cardio and eat very little to get in shape. as soon as I finished last year I knew o had to Adress these problems. so to build the legs back up I trained them twice a week. luckily, my lower back just magically got better and let me squat again. in addition to these things shelby has me doing hit cardio which I do on the bike which helps the quads stay big, I think


Dude, you are honestly looking 50x better than you were in your last thread. I am so glad to see the improvements you had made after the sacrifices you took last prep.

As everyone said, you are starting off with a way better package this time around.





Your physique is nice. You have a good base. Your legs dominate... Like a lot.


Dude, i dont know what it is, but those two back shots look cartoonish.