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Grinding Up Tablets?

  1. Can I possibly grind up my BCAA's to make them easier to swallow (I have pill popping problems) or at least cut them in half?
    1. How is water retained when carbs are consumed? I just know that fact, but my friend asked me, and I didnt know how to answer him.

thx for any help.

  1. I don't think that's a problem.

  2. It takes something like 2 parts water to store every one part carbohydrate as glycogen. Someone jump on me if I have the numbers goofed.


I just chew any pills I can't swallow. Front teeth be cause they get stuck in the back teeth.


as long as you are not grinding them up to mainline you should be fine.


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Four sounds right. It was a toss up between two and four.

Apparently, I suck at 50/50 shots.