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Grinding Teeth/Clenched Jaw During Heavy Reps. Advice?

Allo Christian!

Mon probleme c’est que toujour je serre très fortement mes dents dans les dernieres repetitions des exercices et surtout aux répétions forcées. Bien sûr j’ai déjà l’usure a tous mes dents, et j’ai fracturé deux dents.

Donc, maintenent j’utilise le protège-dent pendant mes entrainements; mais malgré ca je commence à avoir de l’usure, et douleur, a mes articulations temporomandibulaires parce que encore je serre mes dents plus forte.

¿Aucune idée pour atténuer ca? Tout conseil sera bienvenu.

Merci beaucoup pour toute ta connaisance partage ici
Bon Dimanche et marveilleuse semaine

All I can read is the title so I will state the obvious… A mouthguard.

Well he says he started using one but he bites even harder and is having pain in his jaw and is still damaging his teeth

Honestly I don’t think there’s nothing else he can do

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There are probably numerous reasons why this is happening, but the first thing he should do is see a dentist and limit the amount of damage done. If he continues after that, he should treat it as an injury and back off the heavy weight; perhaps substitute other movements an/or increase the reps and sets while decreasing the weight to below the point the teeth clenching starts, and consider hiring a trainer. In this case he’d be wise to change his mindset because this can’t be fun.

Dunno if this is a dumb suggestion but maybe, just maybe, it could work…practice lifting with a relaxed jaw on lighter weights and work your way back up with the main focus on keeping the jaw relaxed…? You could try to puff your cheeks too without the maxilla and mandible touching each other

PS: sorry if I misunderstood anything. Just used google translate

Thank very much for time to try helping. Appreciate that