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Grinding Teeth and Heavy Sets

I am trying to get into the habit of not grinding my teeth during heavy squats. Typically, I do this during a 20 rep set of squats and the last few reps I just subconsciously grind my teeth.

My friend’s dentist told him to stop grinding his teeth because it was messing with his gums.

Does anyone here use teeth mouth guards to solve the problem? Thanks.

I don’t, but a nationally ranked female powerlifter friend of mine does. She never squats without it.

If you can breathe during those 20 reppers I’d do it but you do NOT want anything restricting your heavy breathing.

I am convinced it is stuff like this that accounts for the so called “mystery effect” that many fitness authors cite when encouraging lifters to “squat for bigger biceps.”

When going heavy on squats or deads I sometimes grind my teeth. I tried the mouth piece but I didn’t like it. I couldn’t breathe too well. I just fought myself to get conscious control over it and I don’t do it anymore.


Thanks to gerdy and derek. I’ll give the mouth piece a try sometime. Does anyone have tooth aches or anything like that from grinding their teeth time to time?

No but a few times after the set I thought I might have done some damage. I didn’t tho it was just a different feeling than w/o grinding the teeth. lol


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