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Grinding Shoulder

i’m recovering back into weight lifting and some slight shoulder pain in left one. but it also grinds when i move it around.

should i spend a lot of time just workign the range with light/no weights? stretching as well?


I don’t like the concept of “grinding”. Not sure if anyone will be willing to risk giving you bad advice… can you get it checked out by a professional?

Did you have an injury to that shoulder?

Both my shoulders grind and grind loudly and painfully, my left more so than my right. My left scapula also grinds, any scapular movement grinds and is painful and becomes exhausted feeling, I also have very poor flexability in my shoulders, not sure if it is a chicken or an egg thing, but I work on shoulder flexability everyday, seemingly to no avail. I have had fascia work done, which helped for alot of things, but not this. Anyway, I am just adding this to learn more myself.

There is so much we could get into at this time. Scapular dysfunction is the primary area I would want to look at in this case. If you can hold your arms out on the sides and raise them up to your head, to you have any pain in these regions? If you have pain around 90 degrees (more or less), you have a positive painful arc and that is generally indicative of a tendinitis. Fascia work may have helped, but unless you are fixing the “cause of the cause” (to quote one of my professors) than the injury will still be there. That is why a corticosteroid injection alone is rarely the answer; therapy fixes the dysfunction. Answer this, get some more details for me, and then I’ll get back to you.

sorry, I should have clarified… i’m getting back to the gym after a wrist injury on a different arm than the shoulder, and was curious if maybe the shoulder just needs to “wear in” a little after not being used much for a period of time.

I’ve given it some time though and it seems better since i posted, so we’ll see.

Thank you for the replies