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Grinding Knees


Lately I've noticed that my knees grind..ew.You can literally feel things moving around in there! I've known this for some time, but silly me thought it was just the way my knees were..also you can hear the grinding noise when I climb stairs..turns out, this is not so normal according to some reading I've been doing.

I've only become curious about it, because I've been having more knee pain and aches, as I have been working with heavier weight, and doing more cardio than I have before!
I've come up with a few causes, but really no cures aside from losing weight and strengthening the quads, which is what I have been doing!

Does anyone have similar sounding symptoms, and what was the outcome?

Of course the hubby is now prodding me to go get checked out, and I will, but I hate getting bad news. Especially since I am starting to train for a strongman comp. and have been very focused on getting these pounds off.


Had the same issue, take glucosamine.


Mom (seems funny calling you that)

Is your pain directly behind the kneecap?
If so, you most likely have chondromalacia. This condition is actually a wearing away of the cartilage behind the patella. I've had surgery on both knees from this. But there are things you can do to prevent or reduce it. See what your dr says.


You can call me mommy if it makes you feel better, lol..j/k

yes, I would say the pain is behind the kneecap..I don't notice while training, accept if I try to jog like last night. But the aches definitely set in within a few hours after training..
Hopefully it's just a cartilage issue..
SO what are these 'things,' you can do?
I will be calling the Doc today!


also shark cartilage is supposed to help


I hear a crunching/ripping sound in my left knee when I squat. It doesn't hurt, but it is a very "nails on the chalkboard" type sound. Very unique.


Iron Dwarf got it right. You have chondromalacia patella, which is basically osteoarthritis of the patellofemoral joint. This is actually quite serious as it can be debilitating in the advanced stages. You should modify your training to place less stress on the joints. Even if it doesn't hurt now, the joints are slowly grinding down on themselves and will eventually become problematic.


wow, that's a downer... :frowning:
so how the heck do you modify things, training wise?

strongman training, not such a good idea, then? lol..

I guess I shouldn't freak out til I talk to the doc..


It's called "crepitus". I have it in my right knee. I used to hear it only during squats, but now I hear it whenever I bend my knee under any weight, like getting up from a low chair and walking the stairs.

Crepitus is due to irregularities occurring in the cartilage on the underside of the knee cap.

While crepitus by itself is not a major concern, pain that goes along with the crunching should be checked out.


thats just like eating your fingernails.. =_="



What does your fat intake look like? I know when I drop my fat intake my joints feel like they're taking a beating.

I'd try mega-dosing fish oil. I personally take 4 Flameout a day, then about a dozen other generic fish oil on top of that.


My knees make noise, but I have no pain and normal to heavy training has not been a problem for me.

I worried about it to for a while and did some reading, from what I read there are a few potential medical problems like the ones stated above. And it is also common for people to just have noisy knees.

So talking to your Doctor is probably best.

Talk to your husband:
I notice the noise goes away for a few days after having sex.


If the pain really is directly behind the kneecap, this is correct. There are a number of ways you can modify training to correct it.

1) Make sure your form is sound. I don't mean competitive powerlifting sound or retard-strong strongman sound (much love to both), I mean correct every time. This may mean reducing weight on the bar considerably.

2) Ensure proper flexibility. If you can't full squat with a neutral spine, you're inflexible. If your hands point inward when you stand relaxed, your internal rotators are tight. Most doctors are incapable of assessing this, so take what any of them say with a grain of salt.

3) Speaking of full squats, do them once you're flexible enough. Also use a foam or pvc roller on your IT band, do VM specific work like Peterson step-ups, and ensure your ankle dorsiflexors are strong.

4) You may have a structural problem going on outside the knee that is manifesting in a problem at the knee; this is fairly common. Consider getting assessed for orthodics and make sure you're not lifting heavy things in shoes with a squishy sole. Any cross trainer, running shoe, or walking shoe falls in this category and should not be worn when lifting. The best orthodics available are e-Soles, but may not be available in your area.

5) Glucosamine and good fats are good advice. Make sure you're well hydrated too; pee should be nearly clear.

6) If you ever run, stop. It's as bad as competitive powerlifting and strongman for joints, with far fewer benefits. If you just enjoy it, limit to a mile or two per day.

7) Consider a support if the above doesn't clear it up after a month or two. Rehband is the way to go on these if you're fairly strong.

Most of the above is to make sure your patella is tracking properly, the rest is good practice regarding knee health, and may or may not apply to your situation. And, as with all musculoskeletal health advice, your doctor and/or chiropractor is probably not a good source of information. Consult a sports oriented PT if you can.



Thank you all for replying..

rrjc- I average about 50g of good fats spread through the day..lately I haven't been focusing on numbers, just aiming to make better choices and to eat as clean as possible..

Dan-very helpful tips! I've been needing new shoes as well..my ankles are so sore in the mornings too! The problem is that I have huge feet, so I resort to wearing mens shoes, cause they hardly ever have my size in stores..(10.5/11 womens)


"My" knees sound like rice crispies!

No pain though.


I get pain when squatting, just above the knee, is this a similar thing?


THAT sounds like tendinitis! Be careful... it took me 7 months (of zero leg work) to get rid of mine this past year... in both knees and elbows!


As much as people like to help over the internet, you can't really rely on that advice because you don't even really know if it applies to you as an assessment over the internet is not reliable at all no matter how best you describe it. You need to go into a sports med or an ortho so that someone can actually see and hear what's going on to make an accurate assessment.


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Did you use the injectable or the topical?