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Grinded Oats


I eat steel cut oats but I honestly find it tastes like shit and it is easier for me personally to just grind them in a blender and drink with water along with my eggs. Will the fact that they are grinded make them digested faster thus causing an insulin spike? Is there any difference in digestion if they are grinded or not? Benifit, counter-productivity?



Grinding it won't make a difference (I don't think). But what you could do is make your shake the night prior, leave it in the fridge and let the oats soak, and then have at it the next day. The oats become something nice to chew on while downing the shake.


Grinding or any kind of mechanical processing will raise the GI of a food, but it isn't enough to matter, especially if your total calorie balance is in check. Furthermore, it sounds like it's going to help you stick to your plan and save you time which is a huge benefit.


I don't know, I like ground oats.

I'll have to try this "grinded" business.


How do you prepare your steel cuts oats?
I'm not sure how you can grind them in a blender as they are like little rocks when uncooked.
Why don't you just use regular oats in your shake?


i throw mine in a blender with my post workout shakes - it tastes great and thickens it up a bit.


this. I just grind until it becomes powder


I eat Quakker instant oats every morning.

I know instant isnt the best option, but is it a bad option? Its better than coco pops isnt it?

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I read somewhere that grinding oats actually doesn't increase the GI (unlike, say, flour).

... and nothing is better than coco puffs.