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Grilling Season is On!!


I'm sure for some of you guys it never ended, but it's hard to give charcoal the respect it deserves during a Michigan winter.

Let's see what you guys got cookin'!!


Grilling season has been on for the last four seasons.


Jealous. My building doesn't allow BBQs. We can have electric grills, but come on, you can't properly grill or even try to BBQ something with one of those.


It never ended for me. I grill about every day unless its pouring rain. Salmon and Tilapia on the grill for dinner tonight. Chicken breast tomorrow, then maybe some flank steak, then.....




we grill straight through winter here. and im in chicago. i shovel the deck and if its real cold we have a space heater out there lol.


I've never been able to grill because I've always lived in apartments with no yard. When I bought my house this fall the backyard was a top priority. Unfortunately, I have no grill. Can anyone recommend one? I want a gas grill. Everyone I talked to said spend the extra money on a Weber but they're all about $350+ for the size I want. Do you guys agree that I should pony up and spend the extra money?


I bought mine for like 60% off at the end of grilling season a couple of years ago. Built in refrigerator and all.

Just went and got a full tank week before last and grilled some brats in in celebration.

It's also not smoking season which is also awesome.


Shit I've never seen a grill with a fridge in it. Do you use ever use the fridge since I assume it works of AC power?


Yeah it's AC power. I keep it plugged up an stocked with beer in grilling season. The grill is in my garage, so when I go to grill I unplug it and wheel it outside where the fridge is essentially just a beer cooler.


I'm looking to get a grill too. I don't have a deck and don't really have the best place to store it, other than outside under a tarp or something. I was debating on just buying a charcoal grill or something, but maybe gas would be better. Looking to grill 1x a week, cooking up steaks, burgers, and chicken, maybe some venison too.

I am also a cheap ass, but the skillet just isn't doing it for me. I'll probably be surfing CList...


Couple nights ago I did Halibut, asparagus, and made a mushroom and caper cream sauce and couscous on the side burner. Fuck I love grilling.

Almost as much as I love eating.

Grilling does diminish for us in warmer climates a little bit with the time change, but now that it's daylight till at least 7:00, it's on till the break'a dawn. Might use my stove top to make breakfast but everything else is done on the grill son!


yea i never stop grilling, i live in northern jersey so we get some rough weather here, but the grill is always going for me! but nothing beats a nice spring/summer/fall day with charcoal bbq going, with some freinds, beer, and good tunes! hope there are plenty of days like that for all of us here



Please tell me you cooked the meat on those kabobs before adding the veggies.


Nothing makes me happier than grilled meat.


I also grill year round. In winter I use a grill plate indoors. Makes everything smell like a BBQ, but whatever.


OK, screw it. Let's talk about grilling because I am about to move and plan to upgrade to a grill big enough to cook about 15 steaks without it taking the 3-4 hours it takes me right now.

What size grill can I get without spending over 300 bucks and is propane the better option?


Love propane. I'd honestly have to look at the one I have to see what brand it is, but it was definitely less than $300 and it even has the eye on the side so you can cook stuff in pots and pans.


Where do you get the propane from? Is it cleaner than charcoal to clean up? How do you maintain a propane grill?


I don't like gas grills, but I guess for the sake of convenience they make sense.

But still, building the fire is half the fun of grilling. Plus, it just tastes better. And nothing is more gratifying that manually regulating the heat of grill by moving coals around. Its an art.


Walmart always has tons of grills for cheap around September. I've seen $500 grills go for $300 ish. I'd get one that can used charcoal myself.