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Got 2 1/2 lbs of filet mignon. Going to grill it up for my dad's birthday. I'll be cooking it on a charcoal bbq (weber) and was wondering what tips you guys have? Also, do you guys have any red wine marinade recipes? Was thinking of marinading the steaks in red wine, lemon, crushed garlic, worchestire, and a little bit of soy? Then going to wrap them in bacon. Tips?


IMO, a marinade and bacon wrapping (as sacrilegious as this may sound) isn't the way to go with a fillet mignon.
That is a really nice cut of beef and I know that I prefer a "less is more" approach.
I'm having a nice steak and I want to taste the actual steak.
Salt, pepper and a little bit of butter maybe.
I'm a bit of a steak purist though.


Please don't ruin a filet with all of that. Salt and pepper. Medium rare. Done.


Jeez I dunno man. Filet Mignon is such a good cut of meat that it shouldn't need a marinade.

Basic Rules. ALWAYS salt and pepper both sides
Keep at room temp for 20-30 min before grilling.

personally I love a blue cheese or gorgonzola butter with my steaks.

Edit: Smashinweights I did not see your post. Kinda funny


Alright, I guess I can do the less is more approach.. What do you guys recommend as far as cooking on a charcoal weber grill?

Edit: I'm obviously very amateur at grilling steaks. I'm looking for the steak to melt in our mouth. Thats all Im really asking for lol


Yes sir right here. Though I prefer a different season but less is more 100% and please please do not over do it. Medium rare tops


LOL, looks like we have a pretty solid consensus.
The people have spoken.
If you smother that glorious piece of meat in all sorts of nonsense we will find you and murder you like you killed that fillet.
RIP fillet.


I'm looking to cook them medium rare. I like my meat more rare. I'm just concerned about cooking it on a weber


Go simple with it, salt, pepper maybe some steak dry rub. Even Adobo is good on it. If the steak is all one piece, that's how you should cook it and slice it up after. Always let it cool about 10 minutes before you slice it up.



I like garlic salt and pepper personally. Get the grill fired up, wait until coals are completely grey, put steaks on and cover grill with lid but open holes on top. Let them cook for about 7 min on each side.


This is about how I do it except coals aren't completely grey and I go 6 minutes per side. I also usually use a standard Montreal Steak rub.

Do you have time to do a practice run? Might be a good excuse to treat yourself to a good steak. You don't want to botch it on your Dad's birthday do you?


LOL AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6-7 minutes seems long to me for filet mignon on the rare side of medium-rare, though I'm no expert. And rubs? No.

Salt. Pepper. Period!


Cover it with Montreal steak seasoning then mist it with olive oil and cook over coals at least 400 degrees 3 min/side.


What about a plain wooden chair, a bare light bulb, a cigar clenched between the teeth, and "C'mon Mugsy, we know ya did it?"

Oops, wrong kind of grilling.


I wish I did! But I dont, and for everyone asking I got 4 filets totaling about 2.33 lbs. Typically I cook the coals to about 2/3 way up in the holder thing, then I try to layer the coals pretty evenly, sometimes more on one side. But he likes rare steaks anyway, and they're about an inch and a half to a inch an three quarters thick, so Ill put them on for 6 minutes maybe 7


Still, strategically applied salt and pepper might help.


A dash of cardamon is the only thing I would add to the salt & pepper.

The coals should be glowing red, burn the hair off of your hand from a foot above hot, and drop the steak on the grill for not more than 2 minutes/side. Flip using big tongs. Don't fork it up.


The 7 min recommendation is for a fairly thick filet, like 2" at least.


This would be for Mugsy, or for the steak?

Ah yes, the steak then.