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Grilling Heat Question



I just got a Charbroil propane grill for free!

It has a temp. gage that says warming - BBQ - grill - preheat.

Should I keep it on high untill it reaches preheat than turn it down and put the meat on? Or do I just heat it up till it is in the grill zone?



Fuck that shit. it doesn't tell you the actual temp?

It depends what your grilling and how you want it cooked.


This grill obviously sucks and isn't going to work for you.

Go ahead and pack it up and have it shipped to me immediately.


Preheat should be in the 550-650F degree range. This is to get your grate nice and hot. Once it gets up to temp reduce to medium/high (grilling). If you leave it on preheat your food will char.

BBQ is more for slow cooking. I'm guessing this is around 250F


Grilling temp is around 350-450. No need to heat up to the preheat temp. This is a waste of gas IMO.


Agree on the grilling temp. The preheat is for searing the outside when the meat hits the grate. With that said, my grill will only hit 500 and cooks just fine.