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Grill Recommendations?


So i have about 100.00 to spend on a small grill. I have done some research, and i've found quite a few around that price range, but would also like to see what y'all have for recommendations and experience. I'm thinking of those smaller types that you can carry with you on a campout/hike. I live in an apartment, so not much room, but i do have a deck with a storage room to store it in.

I already have a george forman grill and it's terrible compared to a real grill, that is why i'm looking to get one. Nothing like some homemade grilled steaks, burgers and etc.


Weber one-touch Silver.

Smokey Joe if you want a smaller model.


I was thinking this also but most apartments won't let you use charcoal on your deck.


Hmmmmm, I didn't think of that. Will they allow propane? Or are you not allowed to have exposed flame at all (hence the OP's George Foreman?)

Weber has a small propane camping stove that less than $100, they have a small portable called the Road Trip or something like that for $100, and then they have their Q series which gets good reviews but is closer to $150.

<------------- Loves Weber products.


I've had this little Weber Go-anywhere for a year and a half now. I'm really happy with it; it still works great, it's got good enough range of temperature for me to cook as I like, and it's really small and portable. There are only a small handful of drawbacks: you can't cook for many people at once - I wouldn't want to put more than 4 burgers on, tops.

The side furthest from the gas gets hotter than the side closest to the gas, so if you are cooking for many people at once cooking times start to get confusing. Finally, once this thing is fully heated up, the handle gets hot to the touch. Not so much that I can't handle it, though I did work as a waiter for years (iron hands).


Save up for a Big Green Egg.


I don't know about you guys but I prefer my burgers cooked on a Foreman grill. That's all I cook on it though.

I've heard alot of good things about these egg things, no first hand experiance though.

The best thing I've learned lately about grilling steak is less is more. I used to spice the shit out of em'. Now all I do is buy better cuts, tenderize it a bit, salt, pepper. Just before it's done I brush on some melted butter and a pinch of kosher salt. Cover and sit for five mintes or so and eat, maybe a little A1 steak sauce on the side.




@ dr pangloss and testy, thanks for your recommendations. I should have specified that i would prefer propane mainly for ease of use. The grills you recommended were the types i had in mind though asside from the charcoal.

@ Blithe, thanks for the link. That is pretty much spot on what i am looking for. Small and portable and dependable.

@ thethirdruffian, the green egg grill does look and sound good from reading the reviews, but it is a little out of my price range and not very portable for a college student with a car.

@ bond james bond, man i just prefer the grilled taste, which the george forman grill doesn't do for me. I agree with you on less is more with grilling for the most part. I prefer to sear one side, then flip it and then put a little salt on there. Seems to help keep the juices in it as long as i don't overcook it.

@ aeyogi, lol, that was pretty funny.


Just do it indoors where they can't see you.




Smoke detectors though.


George Foreman?


I prefer to grill in my garage with the door shut. I keep the car running as well because it can get kind of chilly out there.


you gotta pull the battery out before you cook. make sure you get the one in the carbon monoxide detector,too. that shit will get on your nerves.


And if you throw in some Mesquite or Hickory chips it'll keep your apartment/home smelling good for weeks at a time.


In the south it doesn't get that cold, but I can see where it would help out up north.


I didn't see it on their website but the home depot by me has a very nice stainless table top model for $80. I have been thinking about getting one for camping.


Can't go wrong with a Weber!


The green egg is absolutely wonderful, if its out of the price range now then upgrade later. Excellent temperature control, great flavor with decent quality lump charcoal, capable of slow cooking/smoking like a boss or searing at 700+. I've damn near made love to the thing.

It indeed is not very portable, but it would take a god smiting me down for that to stop my love affair with the thing.

Its true you can't go wrong with a simple Weber until then.

Side note on steaks - simple seasoning is best especially with higher quality steaks. Try adding some thyme and cayanne pepper powder to the usual salt and pepper to mix it up.