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Greyskull Reset


How do i reset on the greyskull LP program?


Lower the weight 10% and start again. Personally, I never understood this idea, most people just stall at the same spot +/-10%. So I'd say move on to something that will continue to drive results, although greyskull is much better than SS or SL in dealing with a stall.


x2 move on to texas method or 5/3/1


i already did 5/3/1 before this and have stalled on it. Im just gonna maximize my gainz on greyskull before i move on.


is there any powerlifting specific template for 5/3/1?


This will get you bull strong ...


There's an entire book on it.


You dig a hole, bury the program in it, and go find something else to do. Johnny Pain is a fucking moron.


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