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Greyskull Peaking Plan

can i run the program normally, but add a heavy single and progress the heavy single with linear progression. Deload the week before the meet.

Week 1: Monday: 200 2x5, 1x5+, heavy single Friday: 200 2x5,1x5+
Week 2: Wednesday: 202.5 2x5,1x5+, heavy single (add 5 pounds)
Week 3: Monday: 205 2x5,1x5+, heavy single (add 5 pounds) Friday: 205 2x5,1x5+
Week 4: Wednesday: 207.5 2x5,1x5+ heavy single
Week 5: monday: 210 2x5 1x5+, heavy single Friday: 2x5,1x5+
Week 6: Deload

this is an example for bench, same would go for squats and deadlifts
i just really need help with peaking for my first meet.
im 9 weeks out

The book has a peaking protocol. It’s basically progressively heavier singles over a month with a week off