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Greyskull LP Single Lift Per Day


The greyskull lp template consists of two primary exercises over 3 (or 2) days per week, but due to time limitations I’m thinking of doing just one lift per day over 4-5 days of the week. short workouts with a single lift (or supersetting a supplemental lift, e.g. press/kb swings) work better for me monday-friday. I’ve made good progress on greyskull and don’t really want to change it.


If your only going to do one lift per day I think you should read Dan John’s article regarding that.


Some training is better then no training. Part of training is making adjustments, based on your needs.


Reread your last sentence over and over until it sinks in and you loose all thoughts of changing for the sake of changing.


Let me rephrase that. The only time I have to train Monday-Friday is either 8-8:30 (need to shower and be at work by 9) or for a half hour during lunch (I live close to work). That’s not enough time to go through 2-3 exercises unless I superset them (which is impractical with my home gym setup). So my options are:
Day 1: barbell press/dumbbell front squat
Day 2: barbell squat/weighted ring push-ups
Day 3: deadlift/kettlebell overhead press
Ring weighted pull-ups done on another day (low volume, higher intensity and once a week due to elbow issues) and kettlebell swings done two other days (10x10).
This way I can keep the same sets/reps scheme and get my training completed in 25 minutes or less. I have to do something like this or similar as I don’t have time for an hour workout during the week (Saturday I like to do outdoor trail runs, biking, kayaking, etc)


Only way to know is to try it for a few months, keep a log of your progress and if its not going in the right direction then change something. Over time discipline and hard work on any program with progression built into it will work. You say the program is working for you now, all you are doing is splitting some of those workouts into shorter sessions. Keep working hard and keep you diet and sleep on point and I am sure you will do fine.


Yeah should be fine