GreySkull LP Help

If i run the greyskull lp program for powerlifting, would it be smart to add assistance lifts. If so which ones?

I think in the book there may be some examples.

If your running it with specifically the goal of powerlifting I would do it something like this.


Close grip or incline press (more specific to the bench press than overheads)
Pull downs
Seated db presses
Tricep work and some biceps if you really want.

Bench press
Chest work
Rows (different variation)
Good mornings or hyper extensions (light)

As a beginner to powerlifting your priorities are to gains a solid base of strength and understanding of technique in the main lifts. Also to develop muscular size, which is why assistance lifts should be added.

ill run this template, Am i still a beginner? My lifts are a 365 squat, 230 bench, and a 430 deadlift all at 220. Ive been training powerlifting for about a year now.

I wouldn’t worry to much about what classification you are, but you are stronger than I was assuming. Run this until you can get gains from it anymore then move onto something abit more appropriate for a stronger lifter.

what other programs do you think are more appropriate for a stronger lifter?

Something with periodisation that is more suited to an intermediate level. Not that I’m specifically recommending it but as an example think of the differences between Texas method and stating strength.

Programs like
Texas method
Juggernaut method
Etc are or more suited to post beginner stage lifters. You don’t have to simply “follow” a routine. But organise your own training a way that’s is appropriate for you experience, strength, recovery abilities and goal (powerlifting).