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GreySkull LP for Powerlifting

Hey Guys, I would love to share the program I am doing right now for the main reason that it is working wonders for me and I want you all to succeed. This is a more “powerlifting specific” version of the famous GreySkull LP.

Monday: Bench press 2x5,1x5+( )- Squat 2x5,1x5+ ( )- Low Bar Squat Beltless 3x8-10- Pullups 3x8-10-bodyweight Weighted Dips 3x8-10- Weighted Planks 3x30 seconds

Wednesday: Close-Grip Bench Press 2x5,1x5+( )- Competition Stance Deadlift 1x5+( )- Opposite Stance Deadlift 5x5- Pullups 3x8-10 Weighted Hyperextensions 3x12-15 Weighted Decline Crunches 3x12-15

Friday: Bench Press 2x5,1x5+( )- Squat 2x5,1x5+( )- Low Bar Squat Beltless 3x8-10- Pull-ups 3x8-10-bodyweight Weighted Dips 3x8-10 Ab Wheel 3x10-12-Bodyweight

Notes: Increase upper body lifts by 2.5 pounds every workout and 5 pounds on lower body lifts If amraps result in 10 or more reps please double the weight increase Start with 75% Once you cannot do 5 reps on the amrap, deload by 10% of the bar weight. Beat old rep prs as you progress back up. Once you have stalled for the 2nd time on sets of 5. Drop down to sets of 3. Repeat process that you did with 5s. Once you have stalled for the 2nd time with 3s, take a de-load week, rest up and test your new 1 rep maxes.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

ALL CREDIT GOES TO JOHNNY PAIN FROM strengthvillain FOR THE BASE PROGRAM. the template is from me!

LOL poor John Sheaffer

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why do you say that? is the program bad?

This should answer your question:

oh ya i read the book and studied it a bit, but the base program lacks in volume and specificity to powerlifting imo. So i decided to try what i posted and I am seeing really good results

Give us the specifics! A couple months ago, you seemed a little frustrated. Now, you’re Rollin’!

Why did you add what you added, to make it more Specific to powerlifting? Or, what issues were you having that the changes address?

Why do you think it’s working so well?

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i learned my optimal frequency for the lifts, those being bench 3x, squat 2x, deadlift 1-2x a week. I started being smarter with programming, working my way up with light weights. I started this program for example on bench. 225 for 2 sets of 5 and then 9 on my amrap. yesterday i did 272.5 for 2 sets of 5 and then 7. I also started doing dips and pullups and slamming my core. the program has you doing bench and overhead press alternated, so like one week will be Monday and Friday bench and Wednesday overhead press. the next week will be overhead press monday and friday and then wednesday bench. I am doing monday and friday bench and wednesday close grip. Benching more is more powerlifting specfic.

honestly, i think it was finding my optimal frequency and accessories.

also i added low bar beltless for core work and more practice with the movement

The Greyskull LP has more or less a good concept of exercises, however it lacks difficulty and is not for advanced lifters. You need to modify it if you want progress.