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Greyskull LP for Hyperthrophy

I wanted to start greyskull lp program because it focuses on upper body which I want to develop additionally I have leg injury which prevents me from doing heavy squats and deadlifts (I will lift well above my 1RM and progress slowly on this exercises). My diet is in check.

I’m not sure whether it is good program for hyperthrophy thought because it has very low rep ranges e.g. 2x(10-12) for bicep curls and 2x(6-8) for chinups. From what I read most people agree that you need more volume for hyperthrophy e.g. 4x(8-10). Will this program still be effective if I increase curs and chinpus to 4x10?

Are there some better programs for hyperthrophy for begginers which does require you so much squatting and deadlifting (I most concern about squatting deadlifts seems ok with my knee injury)?

It does not focus on upper body.

Strength and hypertrophy are not mutually exclusive.

Get better, that is the number one goal.

Do what doesn’t hurt.

Any intelligent and balanced program will yield results if done consistently.

Do as is or find a program that appeases your narrow views.

With Greyskull LP, the volume issue is taken care of with the frequency bodyweight work. If you read the book, the author states that incorporating frequent (almost daily) sub maximal sets of push-ups (or dips) and pull-ups (or fatman rows) is just as important as the barbell work. If you do that, volume will be plenty for the upper body.

Finding suitable program is exactly what I try to do. At the moment no one
helps but everyone criticize.

What answer are you looking for?

Re read both and ask a follow up if you don’t understand.

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Try this…

For knees, check out this guys channel