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Grettiron's Training Log v2


5'9", ~190lbs.

best lifts:
SQ: 565x1 (wraps)
BP: 315x1
DL: 605x1

2012 goals:

565 Giant cambered bar GM
635 wrapped squat
675 dead
335 bench?

Gain some damn weight.

Old log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/grettirons_training_log


This will be awesome.


Awesome!! Though more like medium, large, and extra-large these days, right? Hahah

I'm getting a massage on Wednesday, hopefully I can bring my A game.


Round 2, hell yeah!


Haha thanks for the vote of confidence. We'll see what happens.


Now with more experience!


haha kinda. little kyle is now over 190 i think, i'm consistantly around 205 and big kyle is over 230 lol. so what's up for foods after lifting?


wootz grettiron 2.0!

Out of curiosity, where do you feel the GCB is strengthening? I'm also curious as to why you squat to a box? Is it b/c you like eliminating the reversal?


Damn, I'm going to be the smallest one there.

I'll ask around because I never go out to eat. Something high-calorie and casual.


I really had to fight hard to keep my chest up and drive the head back out of the hole. It was a lot of work getting through my usual sticking point (5" or so inches out of the hole). Maybe because I tend to shift the hips back to load up the hammies/glutes and the GCB is very wobbly? Speculation. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, so we'll see if it actually builds the squat.

As for the box, yeah I like eliminating the reversal but it's also great for practicing technique. Next sesh will prob be free squats because I do need work in that dept.


The technique practice may be quite useful for me. I went back to low bar squatting yesterday, and essentially forgot how to squat.


Yeah I saw that. Squatting to the box takes a little getting used to weight-wise but you'll have very good technique in no time. Plus, whatever you take to the box you should be able to take without, and maybe even more.


Hooray for being medium sized! hahaha


tues - bench attempt day. Right AC joint is giving me a lot of shit. Time to work around it instead of making it worse.

fri - 1/27, with the Iowans.

warm up: lower usual, but with the extra-firm rumble roller

sumo dl
225,315x5, 405x3, 495x1, (belt) 545,585x1, 615x0, 495x9 or 10, (Ace Squatter) 495x1,1,1, 545x1

goblet sissy squat
BWx10, MMini assisted x10

stretch, Pad Thai

Introduced the guys to my gym! It was good. Little bummed that 615 didn't go anywhere. 585 was almost easy so who knows what happened. 495 down set wasn't T&G but I didn't exactly wait a few seconds between reps either. Hammies were lit up after that one. Tried the suit for giggles. Took like 10 mins to wiggle into it and it was definitely a different feeling.

Going to try some sort of pressing tomorrow and then jump into the new schedule on Monday.



Why such a conservative bench press goal? Still the shoulder issues?


Yeah I'm not confident I can manage the issue and still make progress. Might try some cissus again, maybe DMSO and asprin, maybe flat benching less frequently.


Ah, damn, best of luck with that. On the plus side, 315-335 bench isn't bad, and you're making amazing progress on your squat and deadlift, rather beastly.


True, true. Maybe when I have a real job I can afford the means to fix it for good. Might as well just keep pushing and take the progress wherever it comes.


sat 1/28

warm up: shrug, clean (this hurt even with the bar), cuban press, LAX/rumble roller

seated OHP - to chin
95x15, 135x10, 155x10, 185x5, 205x1,1, 185x5, 135x15
CS BB row - chest supported Pendaly row, perhaps?

shoulder press on leg press
5 sets
MMx10, LTx8, Mini+MMx10,10, BWx15

arm stuff


Sorta easy pressing day. I was hoping for a few more reps at 205 but the unrack was very awkward and I almost blacked out. I was facing the hooks this time instead of having them behind me. Behind with a lift-off would be better. Leg press shoulder press was pretty awesome and hit the delts and tris without even a hint of shoulder pain. Didn't want to lift today as I was expecting another demoralizing session but everything went better than expected!


It's unfortunate about the shoulder pain, but good to hear that you had a pain free session today.