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Gremlin's Journal

I figured since I spend so much time on here I might as well put in a few posts to go along with it. I mostly just like to browse around and check out what’s new in the BB/PL world. But since I’m locked away in a far away country (Korea) I need some other inspiration since no one else around here takes training as serious as I do. So here are some pictures of my current physique and my routine. I favor heavy, high volume workouts with short rest periods. I generally train about 5-6 days/week before taking a day off, which I know is counter-productive at times, but sometimes I just need to train. That’s life and I can live with it.

Current stats:
Age: 29
Weight: 195-200lbs
Height: 5’11"

Deadlift: 3x455
Squats: 3x435
Incline bench: 3x245

Workout #305


1 front squats 4x12-15
2 back squats 4x10-12
3 SM squats 4x10-12
4 Leg press 4x10RP
5 split-squats>jump squats 4x10ea/ARAP
6 leg ext.>curls>good mornings 4x10ea/15
7 SM calf raises 4x10-12
8 seated calf raises 4x20-30
9 hanging leg raises 4x12-15
10 ab rollouts>incline crunches 4x15/ARAP

1 BB incline press 5x6-8
2 DB incline press 4x 8-10
3 DB flyes>DB press 4x10/10
4 decline DB press 4x10-12
5 DB shoulder presses 5x6-8
6 3-way raises 4x10-12
7 DB upright rows 4x10-12
8 dips (wt.ed) 5x10-12
9 skullcrushers 4x10-12
10 tri-extensions 4x12-15
11 BB shrugs 4x20
12 B/B SM shrugs 4x12-15

1 deadlifts 5x6-8
2 back extensions 4x12-15
3 x-treme wide grip pullups 5xARAP
4 wide grip pulldowns>SAPDs 4x10/15
5 T-bar rows 4x10
6 1-arm DB rows 4x10-12
7 low cable rows>cable rows 4x10-12
8 DB curls 4x8-10
9 BB curls 4x10-12
10 BB drop curls 4x6-8
11 SM calf raises 4x30s
12 seated calf raises 4x30-50

1 DB shoulder press 5x6-8
2 DB side laterals 4x8-10
3 cable front/rear delt raises 4x10
4 DB upright rows 4x10
5 BB shrugs 4x20-30s
6 B/B SM shrugs 4x20
7a DB incline press 4x30s
7b HS flat press 4x30s
7c cable flyes 4x12-15
8 tricep skullcrushers 4x10-12
9 bench dips 4x12-15
10 DB OH extensions 4x15
11 abdominals: 15 min


1 wide stance back squats HVY 5x12Î?3
2 SM squats 4x10
3 front squats 4x10-12
4a leg presses 4x10-12
4b SLDLs 4x12-15
5 leg ext./leg curls 4x10-12
6 Single-leg exercise 4x30s
7 SM calf raises 4x30s
8 seated calf raises 4x30s
9 Abdominals: 4xARAP
10 Crossfit WO

1 DB flat bench press 4x8-10
2 DB incline press 4x10
3 BB incline press>HS presses 4x10/12
4 DB flyes>cable flyes 4x12-15
5a dips 4x10-12
5b skullcrushers 4x10-12
5c rope extensions 4x15
6 DB shoulder press 4x10-12
7 BB front raises 4x15
8 DB shrugs 3x50
9 BB shrugs 3x20-25
10 abdominals: 4xAMAP

1 deadlifts REPS 4x20
2 chins v2 5xARAP
3 B/O rows supinated grip 4x10
4 T-bar rows 4x10-12
5 Ass. Bench rows 4x12-15
6 pulldowns>rope pulldowns 4x10/15
7 close grip pulldowns 4x12-15
8 DB curls DS 4x10DS
9 BB curls HVY 4x8-10
10 DB concentration curls 4x12-15

CARDIOVASCULAR:	 generally done in the evening, or after lifting for about 30-60 min.
Step Mill (steady pace)	(we don't have one here in Korea, so I have to use the Stepper)
Elliptical Trainer (I hate it, but it does provide some benefit)	
Running (intervals) 1:3 W:R	
Lactic Acid Training (Complexes)

Sorry about the lighting…self portraits are always the best. Okay, ten seconds ready…go!

Side chest…

Side tricep…it’s definately been a while posing.

Back-Lat Spread…

Front thigh-Abdominal…I look pretty water logged today for some reason.

Current goals…
LTG-Get back into the shape I was in before I joined the Military NLT 03 DEC 2010, by controlling my diet better, drinking only once per week, and of course lifting hard and heavy.
MTG-Lose 3-4% BF NLT 05 JUL 10 by combination of switching out carbohydrates (bread-red wine are weaknesses) and subsituting tea and vegetables for meals, along with the usual protein intake.
STG-Focus more on bicep/shoulder size. Increase hamstring development. Abdominal development.

Thoughts and critiques are appreciated.



13 MAR 10

I’m only going to list my main lifts, otherwise this will take all day.

squats 4x6-3 (4.0) 2x10-8 (3.25) 1x12 (3.0)
front squats 4x10-12 (2.0)
leg presses (RP) 4x10-12 (7.0) (8.25)RP
bulgarian split squats 4x10-12 (1.0) deep ROM
leg ext/curls 4x10-12
SM calf raises 5x10-12
seated calf raises 4x12-15
Gymnastic knee raises 4x10-12
Crossfit WO: lunges w/ med ball press x sprints

deadlifts 4x20 (2.0)15/(3.0)15/20/(3.25)6-10
B/O Rows 4x10 (1.0)/(1.25)/2x(1.35)
T-Bar Rows 4x10-12 (3.0)/(3.25)10-8/(3.0)12
HS Low Rows 4x12-15 (2.35)/3x(3.15)10/(2.35)12
Chins 5xARAP (10-8)
Close-grip pulldowns 4x10-12 4x(200)/(180)
DB curls 4x8-10 (30)12/(35)10/3x(45)10
DB incline curls 4x10-12 (25)10-12
EZ bar reverse curls 4x12-15 (50)12/4x(60)12
Sprints 5 x suicides
Crossfit in the afternoon

Felt really weak this morning. Deadlifts were horrible. Back was sore and not fully recovered. Even after a very good warm up with extensions and still no dice.

16 March 10

DB shoulder press 5x6-8 (65)(75)10/6(70)10/8
BB shoulder press 4x10-12 (1.0)10-12
bench sup. rear delt rows 4x10-12 (40)(50)3x10/12
BB front raises 4x10-12 (50)(70)(60)15
DB rear delt raises 4x10-12 (15)12
BB incline press 5x6-8 (1.25)(1.35)10/8
BB flat bench press 4x10-12 (1.25)10
DB flyes 4x12-15 (45)12(50)12/10
Skullcrushers w/ pullover 4x10 (75)15(90)2x10(80)12
wt. dips 5x8-10 (50)(60)(70)3x10/8(60)10
tricep cable ext. 4x15 (12-13)15

Workout felt good. Elbow pain minimal due to bursitis. Intensity good. M/M needed more focus. Hitting traps would have been a good idea with more direct trap work. Rear delt rows, flat bench guillotine press, and PJR’s ( ).

16 March 10 (New notation (not including original setxrep goals since already stated in above WO) measurement of loads with *reps to note or deficient; <___> signifies intensity technique)

  1. front squats 1.0/1.25/2.0/2.10/2.20*8
  2. back squats 3.0/3.256/4.051 3.25*6/3.0/2.0
  3. leg press 4.0/6.0/7.015/8.015-12
  4. SM squats 2.35*12 (wide stance)
  5. leg ext/leg curls 250/140//14010(SL)/9010(SL)
  6. SM stepups 1.0*10ea.
  7. SM calf raises 3.0*15
  8. seated calf raises 40*12
    hanging leg raises (x)
    dragon flags w/ ext (x)

-Workout felt pretty solid today. Good stamina. Leg strength good. M/M ( ). Calves need a bit more work, although they were pretty toasted afterwards.