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Greg's Lifting Journal

2 very nice workouts Greg. Impressive volume on that bench press. Solid squats there on Sunday also. Nice volume on both sessions. :slight_smile:

Thanks Shane. The volume across the board is feeling pretty good.

So far the program is really focusing on bench press and associated muscles so the squats and deads are lighter. Once I complete my bench press competition in December I’m hoping to start pushing those other lifts more. Waylon wants me to start taking Karate with him so at that point more leg work will probably pay some dividends.

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Bench looked good, and if you see a random new follower on IG that is me :wink:

Thanks Rob. I just followed you back on Instagram too. :slight_smile:

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Two nice looking workouts Greg. Solid work on the bench and squats. Really looking forward to seeing how karate goes for you. Better you than me brother! :sweat_smile:

Karate sounds fun! I know if I were to take up a martial art my mobility/flexibility would need to increase by about 10 fold.

Thanks Trent. Yeah I’ve been thinking about trying Karate for a while. I did a little bit when I was younger but basically I’ll be starting from scratch.

I’m with you man. My flexibility sucks right now. Also, my balance on my right foot is not great ever since the surgery. I think it’d probably help me work on those things and make them better…hopefully. Plus, I need some skills in case Cobra Kai ever comes to my office and starts attacking me LOL :slight_smile:

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Tuesday 9/14/2021
6:17 am - Home

This morning I completed a Workout (2C) as follows:

Shoulder Rehab - Red Bands

DB OHP 5-20, 5-30, 2 sets of 14 @ 40
Superset with:
Band Pullaparts 4 sets of 15 @ Red Band

Close Grip BP 5-45, 5-135, 5-175, 3-215, 3-245, 2 sets of 5 @ 275 (w/ Reactive SlingShot)
Superset with:
Straight Arm Pulldowns 3 sets of 15 @ 60

Decline DB Triceps Extensions 4 sets of 15 @ 30
Superset with:
DB Pause Floor Flies 3 sets of 15 @ 20

Bodyweight: 221.8 Pounds (Down 1.4 pounds from 223.4 on 7/13)

Workout Duration: 0:55:40.63 h:mm:ss.ms (with 0:30 rest between sets)


Great workout today. The CGBP felt good. The weights are starting to ramp up and my shoulders and pecs are all feeling healthy.


Nice session yesterday Greg. Man, I would love to put up numbers like that on regular bench, forget CG. Ha ha… Hopefully you’re working on your mobility too. :sweat_smile:

Damn strong benching Greg! I hear you on the flexibility! LoL at Trent.

Jujimufu will sell you a book that will teach you how to do that.

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Thanks Trent. I’m glad with how the volume work on bench is going. I think it’ll pay big dividends.

I do some mobility…but it ain’t like that LOL! :slight_smile:

Thanks Shane. :slight_smile:

Yeah Trent’s picture made me feel pain just sitting here…

Wednesday 9/6/2021
6:19 am - Home

Yesterday I completed a Workout 2D as follows:

Conv. DL 3-135, 3-179, 3-223, 3-250, 3 sets of 3 @ 289

Pendlay Rows 5x5 @ 201

Straight Arm Pulldowns 16-60, 20-50, 3 sets of 25 @ 40

Bodyweight: 221.8 Pounds (Down 1.4 pounds from 223.4 on 7/13)

Workout Duration: 0:40:06.77 h:mm:ss.ms (with 1:00 rest between sets)


Great workout yesterday. I’m liking the conventional deadlifts. I got a few pointers on my form that should help out some. I’m thinking they’ll be better for my overall strength than sumo’s were. It was a good end to the workout week…new week starts on Saturday.

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Solid workout Greg! Those are some damn strong Pendlay rows man.

Deads looked good to me. :sunglasses:

Nice job on the deads and rows Greg. Good looking sets. Glad you can make conventionals work. Keep it up brother! :sunglasses: