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GregN Average to Savage Road to 800lb Deadlift

Wanted to see if i could start a log and finish it. Starting Monday Oct 31st 2017 i will be starting Greg Nuckols Average to savage program in the hopes on gaining size and increasing my lifts.

Currently going up a weight class 181 to 198.
I compete in the USPA Drug Tested Division with 2 comps under my belt the first being the 2016 Drug Tested nationals (April) earlier this year placing 3rd out of a class of 8 and weighing in 187lbs haha i was noticeably the smallest guy in the class. Then just recently finished the USPA Hickory Classic placing first at 188lbs, So excited to see what this program can do as i prepare for the 2017 Drug Tested Nationals and the the 2017 IPL worlds.

Lifts so far.
Squat Raw- 485lbs Squat Classic- 520lbs
Bench- 345lbs
Deadlift- 670lbs
I will start posting update videos on here but i post alot on my instagram doncraig7

Goals by Nationals
Squat 550lbs
Bench 375lbs
Deadlift 725lbs

Hopefully using alot of Gregs information on weak points and training we can boost my squat up a bit

so here we go!


In for progress. Those are big numbers.

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Thanks!! lets make em bigger :grin:


Well my conditioning is no where close to what I think it should be. Todays session kicked my a$$, Ive trained nothing but 1-5 rep ranges for some time now an just jumping to sets of 12-15 … not good for me haha, but anyways the weight used in todays session was EXTREMELY lighter than what I’m used to and like I said it was a eye opener.

quick note I set my squats back down to my mid bar sleeve max so instead of the 520 squat it drops wayyyyyyy back down to 460… yes i know big difference thats what were trying to accomplish in the next 16 weeks weak point training.

Squats 65% 300lbs 12x, 60% 276lbs 12x, 55% 255lbs 15x
3x8 RDL
12,10,8 Reverse DB Lunge
12,10,8 Hack Squat
12,10,8 GHR
12,10,8 Good Morning
20,15,10 Standing 4in Block Calf Raise

added bonus to make things fun since this is a 16 week program I have a goal of 10,000 pull-ups by the end of it 4 sets as many reps as possible with good form leaving today with 10x,8x,6x,5x= 29 reps/.10,000 reps

to finish of the training did 50 BW lunges to stretch out the legs followed by lower body stretching. BOOM! not much but will improve .

670lb DEADLIFT Starting Point

Awesome pull. I look forward to following your progress and weight gain. How old are you?

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awesome!!! thanks for the support!.. I am 26 , its been so long since ive been asked that haha sounds old

Similar to my log except I’m trying to stay 181 but lifts are close to the same to accomplish it. Are you trying for it in sleeves or wraps?

As of now raw. I recently started using wraps to make up for weakness out of the hole, 520 wraps to a recent 460 sleeves .

I’ve been 181 for the past 3 years. 2 of those bodybuilding shows and power lifting, so never really gave my self time to grow. And for you that’s crazy strong at 181 wish I could keep the numbers at a lower weight, but just not in my cards haha

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Current Classic Raw Max

Recent FS Max wanna break the 405 mark soon

Day 2 Week 1
I must say I’m ashamed my bench conditioning sucks at the moment. But we’re here to improve

Front Squat beltless worked up to 80% 1x (315lbs)
Bench- 225 11x/12 207 8x/12 190 6x/15+
Push press - 3x8
Dips 12,10,8
Incline fly 12,10,8
Arnold press 12,10,8
Press down 12,10,8
1 arm rear delt fly 12,10,8
32 pullups 62/10,000
50 BW lunges

Day 3 Week 1
Con Deadlift 12rm(70%) 405 12X then 3x8 405
Pause Mid Bar Squats 3x8
Hip thrust 12,10,8
BB back next 12,10,8
Power Shrug 5,5,5
GHR 12,10,8
32 pullups 94/10,000
50x BW lunge

Day 4 Week 1
Daily Max Front Squat w/ belt 355lbs
OHP 127 11/12x 117 6/12x 107 8/15+
(Upper endurance needs serious work)
Block Press
Ez Skulls
Full lateral
Scott curl
Daily pull ups
50 x walking lunge

Day 5 Week 1
Comp Squat Raw start from 80% 20lb jumps until speed slows… Worked to 475lbs

Sumo Deadlift (stiff bar) same thing as squats…
Worked to 615lbs

Split squats
Daily pull ups
50x Walking Lunge

Day 6 Week 1
Bench %80 10lb jumps until speed slows got 345
Push press 3x5
Incline DB press 3x5
Kroc Row 3x5
Hammer curl 3x5
Vbar press down 3x5
Daily pull ups
50x BW walking lunge


Day 8 week 2
Starting the week off strong. Hitting a DM high bar 425lbs then working sets 325 10x 300 10x 275 12x

Beltless Deads starting at 80% 535lb then jumping 20lbs until speed slows. Ending with a all time PR 605