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Greg Valentino Words of Wisdom?

“I think guys who naturally have bigger nipples are more prone to getting bitch tits than guys with small nipples. I always had small nipples. I have a lot of theories on shit.”

True or false?

I know he has theories on “shit” since I think he shat himself somewhere in every story of his I’ve ever read.

Ha ha, theres no telling if he was sober when he was quoted saying this. I think the guys hilarious but i wouldn’t take anything he says seriously…

Yet another brilliant example of why this forum is getting old really quick.


Greg is truly a moron. A guy who gives even intelligent use of AAS a bad name.

Greg, the man that drained his own bicep of fluid reusing the same syringe with a dull, bent needle has words of wisdom? Why is this posted on the steroids section? and why do you have theories on shit?

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That is a really stupid statement and I do not crucify Valentino like most might but what the hell does the size of your nipples have to do with developing gyno.

Maybe if someone got it in puberty they may have a greater chance of getting it from steroids. But there are so many preventative measures out there that it is really a non-issue.