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Greg Valentino on TLC

Anyone see the show on Valentino, called “The Man Whose Arms Exploded”. It was on TLC last night. It was kind of sickening actually watching footage of the man, especially when he tried to do a little fromtier medicine on himself.

I thought the show would be about spontaneous human combustion. You can imagine my disappointment.

God he’s a moron. He admits to dropping needles on the ground, yet still injecting with them. And people will have the audacity to use him in anti-steroid new stories. He could of been shooting B-12 and would of had the same retardation-induced abcess.

That has been talked about tons of times. Do a search…one of the threads was called “the most hated man in bodybuilding”.

I went to highschool with Greg. I worked out with Greg at Bob Baff’s. The Greg Valentino I knew or know is a good guy. Plenty of people make mistakes or do things out of desperation. That’s Greg big heart nice fellow sad story.

I bought a Muscular Development magazine for the first time ever the other day - and Valentino writes a freaking column for them.

I read all of the supplement ads instead of reading his crap.

I guess being a writer isn’t really all that hard.