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Greg Valentino Home Surgery


Has anyone seen this video before?who's this guy? Has he won any major Body building competition?


Also Ronnie Coleman lifting 800lb (Deadlift)



the ramblin freak! he writes a column for MD. I don't think he ever won a major competition. though I thought the bicep size was from synthol injections, not an infection...


The Most Hated Man in Bodybuilding
An Interview with Greg Valentino



Valentino is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box. Since he'd never be a championship bodybuilder he decided on being a freak instead. Countless Synthol injections later...


Not synthol...



I saw the show on him and his arms don't even move like a real muscle, when he flexs the knot just moves a bit. I'm not sure what he did but it is not normal muscle. Whether he admits it or not.


i used to read his columns in MD, but it got to be just a bunch of stupid ramblings. but in one of his articles, he described and rambled on about how he had denied numerous times to the nurse at the hospital that he used steroids. but when i watched that special the other night, he had no problem admitting it. maybe because the found hundreds of vials at his gym.....


I just watched the Gregg Valentino video and it ended with the words " He thought things couldn't get any worse...but they did." and he's being led away in handcuffs....what did happen next? (Off to google)


I think he was arrested for distributing steroids or something like that.


What a fricking dickhead.

And yes, I know he denies synthol use, but I know what muscle looks like, and his shoulders and arms do not look like muscle. It's just hanging off him like some kind of reservoir of oil.


It's actually shit. Which just literally shows how FULL OF SHIT that asshole is.


Here is a recent video, if you ever had a doubt of this guy being a fool, watch this.

unfortunately, he is being incorrectly labled as a steroid addict instead of synthol.


Sad that guys like this are the only press bodybuilding gets anymore...


I love Valentino's ramblings. They absolutely crack me up. The one about banging the goth girl with the black cat on theb ed, next to a human skull. Or how every article mentions him shitting himself. They're so stupid I hope they aren't true, and they're so tragic I think they are.