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Greg Valentino Documentary


well folks,a doco' called the man whos' arms exploded just screened here tonight(thursday sydney australia).i was fascinated and repulsed in equal measures,and ive been around bb for about 20years!imagine what the average joe thought!!

to be fair there were a few comments that didnt totally demonise our whole gig,but the only voice of reason was a physcologist talking about bigarexia or body dysmorphia(high brow lingo ya' hear)he didnt feel steroids were that big an issue physicaly.

valentino was happy to say how bad it all was even though the moron obviously was pumping himself full of synthol.then there was mick hart the british guru,fuck he looks ready to keel over,just 46yrs old looks more like 60 and a massive gut and tits and no muscle....and his son interviewed that did the "chris report" dad gave him the gear for a year and he looked pretty fuckin impressive...here he was being interviewed and looking like hed never set foot in a gym!???what the fuck!

so then theres steve michalik who was mr america in the 70's and had some tumors then a heart attack ..etc.. he totally denounces AA's but then heused to do some mental stuff,so he makes me think of a born again christian(no offence to you folks that are living and thriving that way)

anywayy,it was fascinating,though not educational,and the only reason i saw it is a mate phoned me(never lifted in his life)and said "mate are you watching this sick shit,would be right up your alley!!


not quite sure what your point is.

Valentino is an ass clown. He has lowered the opinions of bodybuilding to the average joe. I hate that he is refered to as a bber becuase he is not.


yeah i saw that doco before and a oouple of ppl actually told me too watch it, from memory they dont mention synthol, or he doesnt admit/deny synthol use.

it definatly is an interesting documentary too



I love bodybuilding, but most of it has become less about muscle refinement and more about chemistry...


He has however denied synthol use in an interview which is archived on T-Nation.


That bottle of juice ain't gonna lift no heavy ass weights.

Respect it for what it is.


Yeah seriously, lots of guys take steroids you wouldn't even know lift.Greg Valentino has little to do with bodybuilding in my eyes anyways.


Seen the documentary too. It was interesting, GV came over as someone who knew full well the foolishness he was getting into, might be somewhat the wiser now.

There are very few documentaries showing any kind of positive angles on bodybuilding and in some ways i can understand it, the attention will always go to the extremes and in bbing there are alot of morons and extreme things going on to look at.


I watched the documentary, he seems to be a nice guy who made stupid things.
Not a bad person,just stupid.


Understatement of the decade...the guys a complete fuckin idiot who gave bbing a bad rap to the general public..

        Not a bad person eh?? wow...


did anyone else notice the lack of the size in the kid who wants too be the next arnie??


yeah that guy didn't even look like he lifted.


I agree. His body looks more like Eminem than LL Cool J. Maybe if he wore something less hip hop, we might see some muscle.


I found it funny that gregs arms supposedly exploded because of steroids when it was the combination of synthol and an infection. not so much steroids.Maybe other things aswell, gods knows whats been injected into those arms. I think i remember him writting something about various OTC oils, and stuff.

Lets face it the home surgery scene that he filmed is going to be taken as the "how bad bigorexia can go underground" or some shit.

I found the rest of the doco an interesting point in how most steroid users dont know what they are doing. Shit i dont know that much either. However i think it highlighted alot of stupidity. Look at the english guru. Some guy sends him some random substance in the mail. Tells him to take it. He does, then quickly falls into the "more is better" trap and has heart issues. He's lucky someone didnt send him something nasty.


Valentino has single handedly given more bad attention to intelligent steroid usage than anyone else on the face of the planet.

The saddest part of this fact is that he used massive amounts of synthol. Anyone that knows anything about steroid usage knows this.

And for what reason?

Valentino is the walking definition of an attention whore, and will impeach the the character of an entire community just to see his name/face on TV.


Everything I've ever seen on this guy is disingenuous as hell. They always pretend that his arms got like that because of steroids and that makes me furious.


i wear larger "hip hop" wearing clothes and you can still tell by the width of my shoulders that i lift, that kid does not lift and my assummption is he is waiting for his little mitts too get his hands on steriods, and not take the hard road first


I didn't say he actually had muscle in there. I only said we MIGHT see some.

But you're right. It seems like he's just waiting for the steroids to do the magic.


He did say in T-Nation that he didn't take synthol. Maybe he's lying, maybe not...