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Greg Plitt Killed... RIP




That sucks


The world losses a great man.


Your avatar. :frowning:


that is a shame. He motivated people and made a difference. R.I.P.


I am really curious about the story behind this.




Well, he apparently DID play in traffic...

Which, no matter how strong and burly you are, you know....



Knowing nothing about the circumstances, I find it hard to believe that a fully functioning adult can be accidentally hit by a train.


That's why it's called an accident.


It's a pretty easy accident to avoid...

It is attached to a track, it's huge and it's loud as fuck.




37...only 37


He was filming some kind of commercial or promo video for some protein powder. Supposedly he was trying to film himself really close to the train/tracks and stumbled over and hit by the train.

Really tragic even if it was a bit of a reckless accident either way..



if Steve Irwin can get killed by a stingray, I don't have a hard time believing that someone can get hit by a train


Sorry, but if that is in fact what happened then that dude was a moron.


He was a rather hardcore dude. Took life by the balls, was a former Army Ranger, and had previously taped his training instruction videos down by the train rails.


These types die young pretty often.


He was apparently filming illegally without the proper permits. They do that in part to safeguard against shit like this. Sorry for his family, but tripping and being smashed by a train while taking a glorified selfie isn't hardcore. It's Darwinism.


Greg Plitt probably inspired more people to lift than any pro-bb in recent years.

Accidents happen when you do dangerous things.