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Greg Plitt Attainable Natty?




Maybe, if you have amazing genetics and work your balls off.


fucking a


No one maintains 5-6% body fat for more than a few days if at all. Also I have an older issue of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness that lists his weight closer to 180 lbs.

And yes, I do believe he's clean. Simply shows how good quality muscle in lean condition on an aesthetic frame can appear very impressive.

Oh yeah, no way he's sporting 18.5 inch arms at his height/weight. I say this not as a hater, but as someone with firsthand knowledge of actual measurements of honest, top natural pros.



It's great we have you here, Stu.


yup attainable



And yes, Stu is right about measurements. Actually many people's purported measurements in magazines are BS.




I don't understand the obsession that people seem to have with seeking out boundaries. I think that the general culture especially on a site like tnation, should be for people to push boundaries. I mean it is one thing to wonder what people look that have similar stats that y ou have, but honestly, who fucking cares? Do your thing until you're satisfied with the end product. Take away message is no you will probably never look like plitt (natural or not), because youre you and he's him.


Got to agree with the Mighty Stu.


did he get smaller?


I think he might be but it would be almost impossible less he is some genetic boss.


Attainable? Yeah in theory it is... But the chances of you actually looking like that are slim to none.

So much goes into it that is genetic: structure, muscle bellies, insertion points etc. so even if you reached his stat line I doubt you'd look like him.


This is where a lot of people delude themselves a bit. We're all guilty of it. Think about how many articles you've read either in magazines, or even on online from reputable sources. We've all read the countless articles of how Arnold built his mountainous biceps, or how Yates built his sun eclipsing back, but even if we followed their exact routines, diets, out of the gym lifestyles, we'd never look like them. PEDs can help, but genetics are the great equalizer.

Even if you were to adhere to the utmost optimal diet and training regimen possible, sure you'd make progress, but you will never display the same musculature as someone else.

Learn from Plitt's approach to training if you want, because over the years, he's obviously come to know what he believes works, and what doesn't. Just be realistic about what results you can truly hope to get from them.



exactly, natural or not most folk won't be able to attain his physique




I am going to respectfully disagree here, and this is only based upon one person that I've tested. Now, he was not 180#s mind you.

IIRC, 5'9 165ish at the time.

I did a skinfold on him, 6 site, and everywhere I pinched it was like the back of someone's knuckles.

His BF% was 2.x%, granted even I realize that's not 100% accurate, so let's say a 3-5% variance which is quite acceptable for skinfolds.

That was his normal walking around condition. He's probably 15-20#s heavier these days and not as ripped, but still in very lean condition, sub 10%


I'd think his build is fairly attainable, granted you might not look exactly like him at the end of the day.




haha thats crazy, they missed out the excessive amount of oil for the vid also.