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Greg: How Do You Train?


i know your on a full body kind of kick now. but how were you training/eating when you built majority of your physique?


One day I hope to get one of these threads and don't feel the need to respond at all.
Some people are just too awesome.


Hey Ryan,

Just saw this. I am currently on a "full body kick" right now but that's just because I'm trying to be more functional :wink:

Actually that's not totally off base. I was getting too big/heavy for my needs. I don't want to say gaining too much muscle but I wasn't turning into a fatty so take that for what you will.

When I was in the mode of gaining most of the limited size that I have I trained on a body part split. I dabbled with 5/3/1 for a little while but for the most part I was always working on getting stronger consistently in the big lifts.

I had to move away from virtually all OHP'ing movements because of a torn labrum but have had some success implementing mountain dog shoulder routines. I really feel that this is helpful and have never had such pumps in my delts before. My shoulders are a weak point that I'm trying to bring up but I think they are slowly on their way.

Diet wise I have always focused on trying to get in anywhere between 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and limiting my "dirty" food choices.

Not ELIMINATING just limiting. I believe in the motto of "all things in moderation." I still eat "junk" foods but just try to not eat them all the time.

I never abandoned cardio but would just do less when I wanted to add more size and do a little more when things got out of hand.

Let me know what else you'd like to know. I'm more than happy to share and help out in any way I can.


I was a skinny kid growing up. I graduated highschool at 5'11 and 160 (on a good day) pounds.

Slowly worked my way up to around 190 in this picture but was DYEL status in a loose t shirt


A few months ago I was up to 220


But that was too big/heavy for me and what I'm trying to do with my real life (aka non gym life) so I cut back from 5-6 days a week body part split to the 3 days a week full body (sometimes 4 :wink:


This is where I'm currently at.

Sitting at right around 210-212 and hoping to lean up 10 more pounds or so and be shredded


so just basically a standard bodybuilder setup of everything once a week for majority of your training?

what other lifestyles factors effected your decision to drop weight?


Ya pretty much. I was trying to hit everything twice a week but change up the movements a bit. I was never big on doing arms so those were neglected a bit as far as direct arm work but I always did lots of dips and pull ups which hit my arms a lot.

I'm pretty arm dominant on my pulling movements so that's been an obstacle I've had to try to overcome a bit.

Life factors... Well I'm starting the fire academy in less than 3 weeks and need to get back to running again. Doing all the runs while weighing 220+ would suck and I don't want to be carrying all that extra weight up and down a million flights of stairs so that's the big motivator haha


The shorts are dangerously low there, man.


Did something happen? Coulda sworn you were talking about joining the fire academy like 2 years ago...


I did a fire academy last January (I think it was?) that was a state certified fire one academy but it was private.

It gave me my state cert which allowed me to apply for smaller departments that usually don't do a full on academy.

I was recently just picked up by a big city department and like most big cities they do their own full blown academy even though I already have a California Fire 1. It's a 16 week long academy that I'm getting ready for.


Right on bud. Hope all is well.


Appreciate it.

You still throwin down 360 windmills?


Haha, knee's are still a mess. Have an MRI scheduled this Friday. According to the ortho, it's looking like I have a torn meniscus with cartilage damage around the patella in the left knee, but I'll (hopefully) know for sure after Friday. I've basically come to terms that my knees will never be more than 75%-ish of where they were when I was 24-25. Content with just being able to play and actually move/run/jump pain free.

You enjoying the fire academy? One of my older brothers has been an HFD firefighter for about 12 years and he loves it. Y'all still in SD?


You've done really well leaning out. But I'm sorry you won't be shredded at 200 there is more there than you think.

Congrats though. Keep pushing. Your shoulders/arms will look even more insane


Oh I agree. I definitely wouldn't be a shredded 200 (leanness level of te guys posted in my other thread) but I'll be closer to 10-12%

The 10 pound goal to shed has more to do with feeling good at that weight. It's not really feasible to maintain that level of leanness when performance is ultimately what I'm after ya know?

I'm going for lean not shredded.

Maybe one day ill be Ryan shredded but for now that's just a pipe dream. If I was going for shredded I would guess that, if everything was done properly and I didn't "lose all da musclezzz" that I would be 180 or so.


Danger is my middle name


Looking great Greg.


Bit confused (looking great by the way. Very pleasing physique and great symmetry) but aren't you already around 10-12% in that picture since your abs are obviously showing? I realize you are not stage lean but I would think that with another 10 lbs you'd be under 10% and at least approaching 'shredded'.