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Greg Everett's Olympic Weightlifting Book


I just bought the book. It is very detailed 600 pages + . I would recommend it without reservation.
However , he recommends a snatch pull exercise from the mid-thigh. I corrected myself to lifting from the hip bone after listening (reading the translation)Aleksey Torokhtiy Olympic Champion at 105kg .(spelling ) on youtube. I managed a fair amount higher on the pull like this. I understand there could be a number of reasons for mid thigh pull for snatch/snatch pull. I think I would find it confusing switching.

Any have any opinions on varying the pulling position?


Well Greg sort of answered this in recent youtube video. BTW his book is almost half-price on his website.


Sorry I'm late to this. The t-nation Olympic WL forum doesn't get much action.

Just to be sure, I think you mean pull from where the bar is - thigh or hip.

I think what is more important is your completion of extension throughout the power position.

What I mean, is if I have a wider or narrower grip, the bar might be in different places, but I still transfer the same force.

So, as long as there is no early pull, which could make the second pull start from the thigh it shod be the same either way, with most variance attributed to height, limb length and bar setup.

Clear as mud.