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Hello all, i have started working out 1 year ago at age 35. I fell more confident with my physique now even knowing a lot of work still needed. At the moment i´m trainning 3 days/week (chest/shoulder/triceps - back/shoulder/biceps - legs/abs) moderate volume. I try to follow CCC diet but i am not using any supplements for now (used whey/maltodextrin on first 6 months of trainning). Dunno if i should change my work out protocol and diet, any advices?

age: 36yo
height: 6'1''
weight: 170lbs
fat: ~10%

workout A (chest/shoulders/triceps)

flat barbel bench press - 3x 6-8
inclined fly 3x 6-8
dip 2x10
barbel shoulder press 3x 6-8
lateral raise 1xfailure
cable pushdown w rope 3x 6-8

workout B (back/shoulders/biceps)

pull up 3x 6-8
cable seated row 2x 6-8
barbel bent over row 2x 6-8
dead lift 2x 6-8
shrug 3x 10-15
rear lateral raise 1xfailure
standing hammer curl 3 x6-8

workout C (legs/abs)

front full squat 4x 6-8
lying leg curl 4x 6-8
45º leg press 4x 6-8
seated hip aduction 2x10
standing calf raise 3x 10-15

have fun all!

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Welcome to the site. Are you happy with the results you are getting? If not, you should change what you are doing. Let us know what you would like to see different. Then we can give advice.



I recommend that every male of any adult age get a blood test for total and free testosterone and estradiol levels. Knowing what is normal for you at this age will greatly help you understand those numbers when you're in your fifties and beyond.

I'm not a fan of splits, but like stuward says, if you're happy with your results, there it is.

There's a lot of science behind the benefits of peri-workout nutrition. If you really want to get the most from your training and nutrition, read "Nutrient Timing" by Ivy and Portman. Post-workout protein shakes really work and so do BCAAs.


lots of good info here



Frankly, no. And after a long time doing ABC splits i am kinda tired of it and not seeing much improvement on muscle gain (I know diet is 80% or more of muscle gain but, for the moment, my diet is basicly solid meals since i am short on $$ and supplements here worth a lot, i.e. Grow! price: 29,99 + 40ish from ship + 60% from importation tax over the price+ship) also, i am quite lost with all the protocols u can find: HSS-100, WS4SB, MaxOT, etc... all the information that internet provide can be evil :slight_smile:

have fun!



Yeah, i´m looking foward this... just waiting for the public health service schedule my test

Have Fun!


The only supplement that I consider essential is fish oil.

When it comes to protein, the advantage of the whey is that it enters the bloodstream quickly which is a good thing post workout. You can, in fact, make your own whey at home using nonfat milk. Here's how I do it: I get one cup of live culture yogurt from the market and add it to 4 cups of nonfat milk. Let this sit out or put it in the oven with just the pilot light on until the milk separates. The clear-ish liquid is the whey, but don't sweat it. I mix it all up, pour off 2 cups of the mix, add some fruit jam for the sugar and the taste and you've got yourself a post workout shake with fast acting protein and fast acting carbs. I use the remaining mixture as the starter for the next batch. For a slow acting protein (like for before bed) the casein in cottage cheese is what you need.

Most supplements are derived from whole foods, so you can, with some effort get everything you need from those whole foods.


[quote]vilasboas wrote:

workout B (back/shoulders/biceps)

pull up 3x 6-8
cable seated row 2x 6-8
barbel bent over row 2x 6-8
dead lift 2x 6-8
shrug 3x 10-15
rear lateral raise 1xfailure
standing hammer curl 3 x6-8


I do many of the same back lifts as you but the deadlift is always my first lift. I look at it the same as bench and squats. I do the more taxing compounds lifts first and ultimately end with any isolation exercises.

Any thoughts?


What if u sweat the mix and drink only the whey? Because if i understood right the result of the fermentation is yogurt and whey, right?

Have fun!


Yeah, you could do that, but there is also casein in the curds; why toss it away?


So true!