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Greetings, Sustanon 250 and Trenbolone Acetate Stack

whats good testosterone Nation, greetings from London.

Great to have the opportunity to converse with like minded titans of the new world.

I am 6ft, 90kg, currently in my 4th year of training. i come in at 10% bodyfat, and usually drop down to approximately 8% in the summer. My diet tends to be standardised all year round, however i rotate certain carbs on a monthly basis. I train 4-5 times a week, bench: 120kgs, Squat: 180kgs, deadlift: 200kgs

I’ve completed two cycles as of December 2010. My first being a 6 week Winstrol @ 30mg/day oral.
My second cycle comprised a test Cyp @500mg per week for 10weeks, and i utilised Dbol@ 30mg to frontload for the first 4 weeks.

i have since been off cycle for 5 mnths and am now looking to dabble in Trenbolone acetate and Sustanon250. Just wanted some expertise and critique regarding what and how i should take it.

Sustanon250: week 1-10 1ml Mon,Thurs
Trenbolone Ace: week 1-8 100mg EOD (not too keen on the daily injections).

Im running the additional 2 weeks of sust as ive done extensive research and found that tren has the affinity to shut you down to great extents. I will have nolva on hand, in case of any potential sides.My goal is to reach 94kg’s at 7%bf.

My PCT(which will commence 18days after last sust shot)will encompass:
Clomid: Day1 150mg
Day2 100mg
day3-30 50mg
Nolvadex: Day1 60mg
Day2-10 40mg
day11-30 20mg
Proviron: Day 1-30 50mg split up into 25 with breakfast and 25mg
before i hit the recovery chamber.

Thanks in advance for your critique and response.

*** No man is free, who is not a master of himself

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Hey mate, weighing in here since you asked me to. I do not have experience with the compounds you are using, but I can relay some information from the guys here that have run similar.

But first, is your goal basically an 4 kg gain with a corresponding drop in body fat? Pretty hard to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, but I guess you basically want to bulk up with minimal fat gain (as opposed to cutting) right?

A lot of guys here have had great experience with Tren in a higher doses than Test. Such as a 3:1 ratio. Some guys have only maintained a TRT level of test (100-200 mg/week) and ran their Tren at 700 mg+ with very good results. This low dose test has kept the classic Tren sides at bay for them, so something you may want to look into.

Tren Ace really needs to be pinned every day. Backfill insulin syringes and the injection takes like 20 seconds. Surely that isn’t too much time to spare for a few weeks.

I could be wrong, but I believe Sust should be shot more frequently than 2x/week as well since it has Prop in it.

Probably no need to run both Clomid and Nolva in your PCT, though if that’s what you have then I guess its ok.

I recommend all guys who care about maintaining testicular output when they get off to utilize HCG during cycle. This makes recovery easier. 250 iu twice or thrice a week.

sustanon has a short prop ester, and isocarporate ester making it not kick in unitl the decanate ester is activated.
look up the esters and halflifes in your steroids before using them man.
test prop
tren ace
500mg /week

also something to consider i found when i lower test below tren sides are much more barable with less estrogen.
or simply use an a.i. ed for estrogen control

If you already have the sustanon you could go with sustanon week 1-10, tren acetate 2/3 - 10

The sustanon will ensure you still have test in there longer than the tren by a few weeks, and after the 18 day you will be good to go for starting PCT

Cheers to you guys for the feedback.

Ive decided on Sustanon250 week 1-10 @500mg
Tren Ace week 3-10 @75mg EOD.

yeah i know you guys recommended running the tren higher than the sust, but im more content with having nolva on hand and managing the sides accordingly ie: antibiotic cream for acne, nolva for gyno etc. Id much rather have a functional ma muscle:)

Nolva for gyno from tren?