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Greetings, Jungle Friends

It’s your convalescent T-colleague checking back in with all y’all. I had surgery and I made it home after thirteen fucking days in a hospital and the worst temperature controlled hotel room I have ever been in. The catheter was fun stuff; the epidural falling out before it was scheduled to was a pleasant experience. To make matters worse, the bastard that shaved my chest didn’t use hot water, shave with the grain, nor did he apply soothing astringent. As a result, razor bumps that would make a Kentucky farmer’s family look small have infiltrated that area. The steel bar inserted protrudes from each side of my chest. The scars are unsightly. What the fuck did I do? I’m an assclown.

However, all was not lost. I scored a “straight cath” from a hot nurse. No, I am not embellishing. Her name was Amy and, if I had gotten even a hint of an erection, I’d have hit it yesterday. I also picked up an admirable and somewhat insightful motto from Raul, the Mexican flight attendant that resembled Happy’s ex-boss in Happy Gilmore. Apparently, the nail from his head was removed sometime after filming. What the fuck was that guy’s name? Have you ever seen a Mexican flight attendant? It’s comedic at worst, priceless at best.

But on to the quote.

“You come into this world alone and naked. Everything else is profit.”

Good shit from Raul. I shall ponder that.

Glad to see it went well!!!

Glad you are doin ok though. Hope you get back soon.