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Greetings, Excellent Forum

Well guys for those who don’t know me, my name is Davi Meireles. I just registered for this excellent forum, and I aspire to learn and evolve a lot with everyone here. It is a great pleasure!

I hope to make many friends here. Soon I will make a Log of my training and diet routine.


Welcome to the community!



Here are some tips

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, fitness or otherwise.
  • Pharma section and Flame Free Confession Thread = free entertainment- occasionally, random BS in the beginner section makes for some pretty cool laughs
  • tag @T3hPwnisher @Pinkylifting @bulldog9899 for general training and nutrition advice @chris_ottawa is also extremely knowledgeable, especially for powerlifting
  • @Voxel and @SkyzykS make the best food (check out the Food porn thread)
  • There are some seriously badass women on this forum. Meet @ChickenLittle @brute_fury @queen_cobra @EmilyQ and others
  • BS is 100% gaurenteed to be called out by bulldog

There are a lot of people I forgot to mention, but there’s a start! Good luck! Train hard!


Thanks brother!Counting on your help bro! I will soon log my diet here on the forum.

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I like @dagill2 a lot, always a voice of reason and well-mannered to boot.

@mortdk cares a lot, about everyone I think. Big heart. You can tell whenever he drops by someone’s log.

@JMaier31 is one of the most inspiring people I’ve come in contact with. I hope to deal with adversity half as well as he does. And exhibit the same level of patience that he does when confronted with the ignorance of others at least once.

Always enjoy exchanging words with @jackolee, whom I believe is someone that a lot of people may have directly or indirectly made into a bar to aspire to with regards to the it physique but he’s valuable to the community in other ways as well.

@isdatnutty epitomises the success that can be had if you get out of your own head and focus on putting in the work. He wrote a pretty awesome beginner program too.

The quality with which @flipcollar posts is why I’m always excited whenever I see his “name” attached to a post. I usually learn something or manage to walk away with an improved ability to apply sound reasoning with regards to training and diet.

@danteism s log is one of the few ones that I’ve binge-read.

There’s other people on here who’s activity I’ll pay attention to, but might not have engaged with a whole lot yet. @Koestrizer, @flappinit, @EmilyQ, (ran out of mentions here) anna_5588, planetcybertron and even more still are people I’m happy are on here.

I’m also glad for the contributions that preceeded my time on here. kingbeef323, Yogi1, and EyeDentist all come to mind.

The sub-forums for the coaches are great, but it’s the community that keeps me coming back.

A final shout-out to our moderator who I think does a fantastic job. Big-up Chris_Colucci


That’s genuinely appreciated man. I’m too tired to say any more on it than that, but it is appreciated.

Because you didn’t manage to tag them, and it seems like the time for a bit of a love in:

@MarkKO and @Simo_74 have been massively helpful in steering myself and many others in the right direction. Definitely fantastic members to have on your side.


Everything I make looks like a pile of stuff on top of another pile of stuff. Even the shake!

@davi_meireles Welcome. Enjoy! There are a ton of great people here.

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Thanks @Voxel Kind words from Sweden is always appreciated.
Most of the dudes I follow here are mentioned.

David this is the best site for training and nutrition, I stumbled across it at some point a couple of years ago, looking for advice for 5/3/1 training, started following one or two logs. Then I signed up, well because everybody is very nice and there’s almost no BS and I would ask in a couple of logs for advice.
Then I started my own log here and became a member of this awesome community.

Start your training log, follow others logs, join the conversions in others log, and soon you’ll find this place to be better than FB.
Mostly because we all workout, sometimes we track our food, we deliberatly gain and lose weight and we can all relate to it. Most of my friends and family doesn’t understand it, but here we all do.

Almost got carried away my friend, welcome to TN.


For the record… I have a keep the nutrition simple approach.


He’s also one of the most consistent members here, still training consistently at his age puts a lot of the younger ones to shame (like meeee)

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Have I just read an online circle jerk?


Joking aside, welcome to the forums. Start a log, I’ve found it incredibly helpful, informative and supportive.

Wow, what’s happened to this place? People are all nice and stuff.


Yer parallel universe stuff going on here with all tag in and niceness !! Welcome Davi hopefully you will learn a little while you are here and that will help you achieve whatever your goals are.

Lol when I was your age, TNation was all no-BS and no whining!


Hate to be a wet blanket telling people there is no Santa, because the reception this “new” guy was getting is awesome to see. It’s a shame he doesn’t actually deserve it.

Interesting choice of words.

I suggest posting under your original account, apologizing to the members you were insulting, and try redeeming yourself that way with this new friendly outlook on life.

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The Bro split training division guy? Man, that’s a shame.

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Care to clarify? :smiling_imp:


You guys can stop gently fondling each others testicles now…