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Greenville/SC Group


OK well they have the DC/NOVA group meetings on the weekends so that they can get together, so I thought we should have one for upstate SC...if there some people from that area on here. Post if you think you would be interested in getting together on the weekends for a workout and maybe post work nutrition (steak and beer maybe). If there aren't enough people from Greenville or people want to join from other parts of SC we could always meet up in Columbia and see about training at SC Barbell Club. Let me know what you think!


I would be interested. What kind of workouts do you have mind?


I would be up for anything, I know the NOVA group does strongman like exercise, sled drags, keg toss, ect. If you are anyone else was interested in powerlifting we could go up to SC Barbell in Columbia. I'm all in favor of strongman type and then cooking out or something.


I'm in Greenville. Don't know about a weekend workout (I only train during the week) but I'm always down for a beer.


Hey whatever people are up for is cool with me. I get every other Friday off if people want to meet then. I workout at the Total Fitness in Powdersville if you are anywhere in the area.


i'm from Easley. I know a lot of people that workout and play basketball at toatal fitness. I am a football palyer thoughand don't drink. I could go up there and lift if I wanted too.


Booo! South Carolina Sucks



Great to see some SC t-men, I live in Greenville and would love to see a t-cell started. I'm up for strongman, powerlifting, or olympic lifting. Weekends are good for me, and I lift at Coops.


Hey if you ever want to lift or shoot some hoops at Total Fitness Let me know I'm there just about everynight working out. Except Sunday of course since its only opeb 4 hours...so annoying how everything shuts down on Sundays


Excellent, looks like we have about 6 people including myself who are up for starting a SC cell!

Does anyone here have a sled, or large tire?

I'm actually about to put new tires on my SUV so I could easily make a weighted tire pull using my old tire, some free weights, and a lifting belt that I have. I figure we could also do keg tosses, farmers walk, and maybe a few other exercises without much set-up.

Any ideas on where we all could meet?


Ok if anyone is checking this anymore, new tired go on this upcoming week so I can make a cheap but effective tire pull (for running with) if anyone wants to do that.

Anyone know of any farmer friends who might have an old tractor tire to flip? Or a thick rope to attach to a car/truck and practice pulls? Let me know!



I lift at South Carolina Barbell here in Columbia. I believe they still have two big tires (500+ pounds) in the back. Some strongman equipment still as well. Every piece of powerlifting equipment you could imagine (including two monolifts).

There is a gym called G-7 in the Clemson area that has a ridiculously equipped powerlifting room - everything in there is brand new and top of the line. I would imagine they have some minor strongman implements as well, but I'm not sure.


Hey thanks for the advice! I wish I could lift at SC Barbell!! (Minus the Gamecock colors and such haha) Is that gym in central? I have heard of it and been trying to find it, but I didn't really know what all they had.


That G-7 must be new! Its only 1mile from my place and I've never noticed it. I looked it up and it said it was G-7 Inc. Thanks! Looks like I found something to replace going to the Golds in Clemson.


G-7 is great. We went up there for its grand opening to break it in. Really nice people.

CrewPierce, are you in school up there? If so, I assume you're still involved with crew up there? Have you done anything with the weight club there? Will I stop asking questions?


Hey guys,
I'm in Seneca and would be interested in a T-Cell in the upstate. Also, is this G-7 gym in Clemson or Central? I used to work out at the Gold's in Clemson but also have the option of training at Fike Recreation on campus. (It pays to be a Clemson Alum :wink: Go Tigers!!


G-7 is in Central, but it's not far from Clemson at all.

I used to have one of the alumni memberships. Very nice. At the time, my roommate wasn't a student there (nor had been), so he'd come with me and pay the $1 per day gues fee - which worked out to only maybe $20-25 per month. Not sure if they've upped that or not.


Well Fike is quite different than what I used to remember it as. I heard they added a rock climbing wall as well as an indoor track. I do need to take a visit on campus to see what's new. I also need to get tickets to make sure I catch some of the games this year :slightly_smiling: