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If Greens+ is a good vegetable substitute to put into protein shakes and all, and if one serving of this is equal to 6 servings of vegetables, when is it too much? Like, is it even healthy to have a couple servings of Greens+ throughout the day since that is already 12 servings of vegetables? My plan is to have 2 servings of this each day with shakes and have natural vegetables at other times but I would like feedback before starting. Thanks for the help!




I use Greens Vibrance (similar product) but use the capsules instead. I always prefer capsules to shakes. I don't want to taste this stuff or alter my delicious Metabolic Drive Shakes.

I take 2-3 capsules everytime I eat a meal without veggies. So if you want two servings of that stuff, I'd take it everytime I ate w/o veggies. So I'd take it possibly more often, but less than a serving each time. I think two servings total of that a day should be plenty. I wouldn't take more.

BTW, Greens Vibrance have even more stuff than Greens+ but you need 16 caps instead of 8. Still I take 2-3 (average 6-10) capsules a day and really feel the difference. I feel very healthy and have a ton of stamina with it. Love these Greens products.


I take Supreme Greens and I use a tiny scoop of the powder twice a day usually. It must say that its equal to 6 on ur product, but depending on how big the powder/pill i dont know what theyd base that on and if id believe that but yeah either way twice shudnt hurt. Im runnin outta mine so maybe ill try that one do u really like the Greens plus?


I have never had it and since I realized it would be beneficial, I have considered buying it. As it is recommended as an essential product by JB and all, I will purchase it. But, it just doesn't make sense to have a serving at a time if a serving is equal to 6 veggies!! Just sounds weird.


I have been trying it like this:

I cook my oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries and a little water and Metabolic Drive. It's always dry so I mix this stuff in.

the thing is...and maybe I missing something, is that it is really sweet in an odd way. Did I buy the right stuff? It's gritty a bit, too...but, hey, lots of veggies at breakfast...


Master, I mean, Coach Dan John, are you sure you didn't buy the Greens+ Fruit Edition?


Good questions.
I was also wondering if it's a product that can replace the veggies in one's diet.

Especially if it's considered to be so many servings of veggies.

Does it still have all of the phyto-nutrients that whole veggies have?


I was wrong. DON'T add lemon to your GreensPlus. Kills the whole reasoning behind taking it.


I wouldn't give that much attention to the equivalence between veggies and Greens+
Just take whatever amount is specified on the label. Problem solved.

Myself, I take a heaped teaspoon every evening after dinner. Works pretty well for me.


Its got alot of the same nutrients that veggies have, but I highly doubt its equivelent to 6 servings, probably half of that...


I use Greens Plus daily. http://greensplus.com/ Occasionally I forget to take it and feel it the next day. GREENS+ is great stuff!


I've been taking a different greens powder for years, but just got my first Greens+ a few days ago - given that my current supply of the old stuff should run out today, I'll be interested to see how G+ stacks up - at the very least, it's significantly cheaper!


Why does everyone recommend Greens+, is it just because of JB. I went with Greens Today

Looking through the ingredients it seems better and it's slightly cheaper. Although it does taste awful but i guess so does Greens+. Any thoughts?