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This stuff Berardi talks about. What is it? Where can I get it. What does it do?

No offense, but you could have easily answered these questions by using the search function.


[quote]florin wrote:

That’s so money.

Genuine Health makes Greens plus. But there are many other brands out there with the same product.

I guess I’ll provide some useful info :wink:

You can buy it on Amazon for less than buying direct.

Hey, I tried your link and nothing happened. I think you meant:


[quote]florin wrote:

Coming back to this thread to add something else…

The real “Greens +” tastes way better than the shit that GNC packages and sells. Do yourself a favor and buy the real junk off amazon or something.

The GNC brand “mega greens” or whatever, tastes real strong and nasty. The real stuff you can actually drink without gagging.