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Blissful berry my ass!

Is it really that bad? Have you tried the original flavor?

One thing that worked for me with the plain Greens+:

I use a very small amount of water. “Small” as in “take a small cup and pour 1/2 inch of water in it”. Then I mix a teaspoon of Greens+ into that. It’s more like a paste than a liquid. It doesn’t mix very well, but just keep squishing the dry bubbles with the teaspoon.
I can’t stand the taste of the recommended amount of water, but this variation works very well for me. The taste is very strong yet, curiously, not unpleasant. To me at least.


Most greens supplements taste like mowing the lawn with your face if you are lucky – some are downright ick-tastic

I use a no calorie fruit flavoured beverage to mix it with to mask the taste. Also the taste can be masked with shakes if you add a little fuit to them (blueberries, &c.)

You know, I just started taking Greens+ a few days ago (after having taken another greens powder for years) and I have to say - this actually tastes good.

If it bothers you, just mix it into 16 oz. of water and it barely tastes like anything at all.

I’ve heard this greens debate a few times, and a friend of mine told me about a similar experience he had with wheat grass. Now his logic behind it sounded pretty solid. His take was that we’re taking this stuff in for an alkalyzing load and if your body is very acidic the stuff is going to taste like utter garbage at first.

But after his body’s ph balanced a lot more he found he actually liked the stuff.
So it could be the case that with greens, the worse it tastes for you the more you need it.

I’ve got the tangerine nightmare…oops, I mean tangerine dream.

Haha I dont recommend tangerine nightmare.

I like the berry one. My shakes always have something mixed in with them anyways and I find they taste great.

When I first tried the Berry Burst Greens+ I mixed it in water and totally couldn’t stand it.

I read the Greens+ message boards on their site to see what might help with the taste.

From what I understood, there are certain things that you shouldn’t take at the same time as the Greens+, but that whey protein powder is OK.

They also say you could mix it with yogurt.

Basically they say not to take anything acidic with it - for example: cranberry juice or milk.

So I’ve been using it in my serving of protein before bed. I use a scoop of Vanilla Metabolic Drive, a little bit of water (to make a pudding-like consitency), and have gradually increased over time the amount of Greens+ Wild Berry Burst up to a full serving size.

At first I still didn’t like it but I was able to finish it, but I’m now getting more used to it and enjoy it.

I certainly would qualify as a “picky eater” and yet the combo of the protein powder with the Berry Greens+ has worked fine for getting me to take it. I’m all for anything that I can like the taste of while getting better nutrition.

whine whine whine. This website is called Testosterone. I say grow a pair and drink your dam greens. I can eat this stuff raw.

Take the capsules. I take Greens Vibrance capsules. No prob with the taste!

More expensive, obviously, but well worth it.